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6 Guys You Meet Online And Why You Shouldn't Date Them

6 Guys You Meet Online And Why You Shouldn't Date Them

The Narcissist

His profile states, in detail, all of his accomplishments and why he is better than any other guy on the site. He mentions nothing about what he offers a woman, and no description of the relationship he'd like to develop.

Why you shouldn't date him: He'll likely lack concern for your wants and needs, focusing only on himself.

The World Traveler

His profile lists all the countries he's been to, and his photo album is like a vacation slideshow. All of his photos show him at a distance, with sunglasses, in front of some international tourist attraction. His profile seems more like a travel diary than a personal narrative. 

Why you shouldn't date him: Traveling is great, and can be an important lifestyle aspect to share with a partner. But if his profile is very travel-focused and lacks more personal details, he may have issues with intimacy. He may be the type who is always looking for the next great distraction from life.

The "Young-At-Heart" Older Guy

He pays no mind to the age limits written in your profile, and hits on you like he's your perfect match. When you express that you're uncomfortable with the age difference, he says, "Funny, I didn't think age would be an issue," or, "It's only eight years!" 

Why you shouldn't date him: If he's not respecting the age limits you've posted, he's ignoring your expressed wants and needs. He'll likely think he knows what's best for you, despite what you have voiced as important.

They say there's a lid for every pot. But I'm not sure these pots are ready to be topped yet! What do you think? Can these guys be in successful relationships? And if so, with what type of woman? Tell us in the comments below!

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