5 Relationship Tips From The Oscar Nominees

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What have you learned from the year's best films?

Even though they all didn't win the Oscar awards this weekend, the nominees have already touched our hearts and minds. While enjoying five of this year's favorites, I found some great relationship advice.

1. Be yourself. (The Help) Skeeter gave up an opportunity to marry a Senator's son because he didn't support her work. She felt it was important to be honest with him about who she was and what she wanted out of life. Although he wasn't willing to continue the relationship, she knew her decision would bring her the most happiness.

2. Happiness comes from within. (My Week With Marilyn) Even the most captivating woman of her time struggled to find happiness through external means. The movie's depiction of Marilyn Monroe has the star turning to men and pills to get through life. She was just 30 years old, married to her third husband and in desperate need of attention from a young aspiring filmmaker. Her beauty, talent, and spirit for life were so often masked by her insecurity. Her experience teaches us that we can't expect a relationship to bring us the happiness we haven't first found in ourselves. How Laughter Can Save Your Marriage

3. Keep calm and carry on. (The Descendants) In what were probably the worst moments of his life, Matt, who considered himself the "back-up parent," stepped up to do what was best for his family. As his wife was about to be taken off of life support, Matt took an active role in the lives of his daughters and treated his wife's lover with more respect than the man deserved. As his love turns to loss, Matt reminds us to find a way to move forward.

4. Give and you shall receive. (The Artist) During the height of his career, silent film star George Valentin brought attention to a young Peppy Miller, igniting her career as an actress. As her career flourished, his career quickly declined. After realizing he hit rock bottom both personally and financially, Peppy steps in to offer Valentin the life he made possible for her. His story reminds us that what we generously give will come back in mounds. Yet Another Celebrity Divorce

5. Treasure your girlfriends. (Bridesmaids) This over-the-top comedy has a perfect combination of imperfect women in imperfect relationships. Annie is called upon to celebrate her friend's engagement, as she is involved in a sexual, loveless relationship. Helen, who uses her money and power to impress the bride's friends, finally admits that her marriage is failing. Megan is desperate for some male company. And Lillian fears how marriage will change her life. The movie reinforces what women have always known: that whatever our relationships bring, we'll always need our girlfriends. Facebook Doesn't Ruin Relationships. People Do.

Rebecca A. Marquis is the author of How to Be a Good Boyfriend: 34 ways to keep her from getting annoying, jealous, or crazy. amzn.com/145632411X

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