Online Dating With Full Identity Protection By Real People Dating


Online dating just got a whole lot easier. Your identity, protected: no questions asked.

Hey, readers! We at Real People Dating have been working on the site's finishing touches, and are proud to announce our official launch today! Sorry I've been away from the RPD blog for so long.

I'm Stephanie, and if you kept up with us at all this summer, you're familiar with my posts. If this is your first time on the blog, feel free to explore, and have a few laughs and ah-hah moments.

Today is pretty monumental here at RPD's offices in Austin, Texas ... we're finally launching Real People Dating, the first online dating community to ever offer 100% identity verification for its users.

One person, one profile ... what does that mean?

It means that we go above and beyond to protect our users' identities from the very moment they create their account. Before you're all set up, you'll simply enter the last four digits of your social security number.

We run your info through our database, and your personal information is never stored—just checked. After this, you're in. Welcome to a community of users just like you, who have undergone the same identity verification and are serious about meeting someone.

Someone who's a real person, too! The beauty of our process is that there's no way for bots or spammers to reach you. Every active user has one chance. Once there’s suspicious activity or someone steps out of line, he or she can't be allowed back in.

So, what cool features will you use once you're finally in?

My favorite thing about Real People Dating is the video aspect of it. It's completely optional, but your RPD account allows you to upload a 15 second introduction video about yourself. You're not sending the video to anyone individually, but just giving your matches a little preview of yourself.

It's funny how often we see photos of people online and they still are never quite the way we imagined them when we meet in person. Whether it's their voice or their mannerisms, they won’t take you by surprise if and when you finally meet one of your matches in person.

If everyone you met online were a real person like yourself, how would it be any different from chatting with him or her in the grocery store?
Ok, I get it ...

By creating a profile you're practically announcing, “I'm open to dating! I want to date!” I understand. That’s scary. But isn’t it just as scary to ask for someone’s number in the produce aisle and be turned down because they aren’t looking or aren't interested?

Equal risk factor, right? This is where Real People Dating comes in: we shop, pay bills, and place orders online without giving protection a second thought, and it's standard because reliable software systems have been implemented to protect us.

So if there's a dating website that offers a new standard, serving its purpose with the same security and functionality as your PayPal or Fresh Direct account, why wouldn’t you use it?

Real People Dating officially launches today, and I've taken the time to make sure it's a site you'll love. I've already created my own profile. Now our team is anxiously waiting for our new users to jump on it!

Real people, start your engines!

This article was originally published at Real People Dating blog. Reprinted with permission from the author.