How Each Day Of The Week Is Like A Relationship




Things start out slow and relaxing with Sunday. We have a few vague intentions for down the road, maybe putting some effort into organizing things later on, but that feels like a lifetime from now.

So we say we’re “just hanging out” and all of the sudden we don’t know where the time has gone. Have we wasted it? What have we even been doing? Was there an objective, and did we meet it?

We slip into a moment of panic and have to decide what we want or need to do in upcoming times. As things all suddenly come to an end, we find ourselves rushing around trying to decide what’s important, rearranging our priorities, and regretting wasted time.


We have a bad feeling about this one from the start. Monday has a bad reputation, but we feel we have to get out and give it our best.

We go into it with low-to-no expectations, and time seems to drag on ever so slowly. Our heads are clouded by negative thoughts, because Monday is really just a walking cliché, but we’ve had a few great Mondays before and maybe this one is just a diamond in the rough.

It’s mostly an uphill battle, and it never turns out to be the right fit for us. We gave it our best, and even tried to play up some of Monday’s quirks to our benefit, but we’re just glad when things are over. We either appreciate the experience and carry a positive outlook for the future or foster tough memories and try not to look back.


Tuesday is a wild card. Unless we just have a thing for Tuesdays, we aren’t sure what to expect. We’ve heard a few cool things about Tuesday, so we keep a pretty open mind. There are a few twists and turns, big and small, and time flies because Tuesday usually keeps us guessing.

We’re usually a little frazzled when things finally wind down with Tuesday, and move on without even stopping to reevaluate its ups and downs.


Wednesday is always making us feel just a little wayward or down, then hitting us with a really uplifting outlook.

We have moments of indifference towards Wednesday, wondering what we’re really gaining from it, then for a while we think, “Things are moving along. I’m on the brink of real happiness and I deserve it because I’ve been through a lot. I think Wednesday recognizes that."

We aren’t too sad to part with Wednesday and sometimes even cherish our time near the end.


This is going to be good, we can feel it. If this isn’t “the one,” we must be pretty close. Thursday looks good—a solid 8.

We’re finally over some tough times in the past and we aren’t looking back. Only forward. Sometimes Thursday parties too hard, and we have to cut things off. It was still a good time though.


Somehow, even if we’re dealing with the aftermath of Thursday, we can’t be mad about the situation we’re in. There’s just no reason to complain. We feel pretty lucky to have Friday and put a lot of thought into how we spend our time.

Friday is often spontaneous, and we feel there’s no time like the present. We may even start to act a little bit irresponsible, but Friday always seems to validate our behavior. We take Friday for granted and at some point we slip into ...


We didn’t see anything necessarily wrong with Friday, but Saturday just seemed… Better.

Cooler, brighter, happier, and somehow even more easygoing, Saturday is more open to things. Saturday brings so much fun that we forget all about Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Friday is still blurry but there are no hard feelings there. Sunday keeps trying to sneak back into our lives, promising to be just as fun and relaxing as Saturday, promising to be different this time, but we know Sunday is just too good to be true.

We try to hang onto the moment as long as possible, but Saturday just can’t be tamed. The one that got away.

This pretty much sums up how I feel about every week, and about some past dates and relationships. We want to hear back from our readers! Do you agree? Or are you a total Tuesday person?

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This article was originally published at Real People Dating Blog. Reprinted with permission from the author.