Building Healthier Marriages Workshop


The Healthy Counseling Center in Spokane is providing a full day event for couples to be healthier.

Today at the “Hold the Date”, the Healthy Counseling Center announced immediate availability of registration for the Building Healthier Marriages Workshop, enabling couples to reserve space (seating is limited). The Workshop is October 22, 2016 from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. in Spokane, Washington.

“Our mission is preventing and healing relationship problems,” said Dr. Ray Smith, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor at the Healthy Counseling Center. “This workshop will provide proven biblical principles and current best-practices for marriages that need to be strengthened.”

Founded in 2000, the Healthy Counseling Center is the area leader in mental health counseling. The Center offers a wide range of services from medication management to psychotherapy designed to prevent and heal problems with self, God and others.

Marital dissatisfaction and divorce are tragically escalating and the Workshop will help couples with high impact tools for repair. “Step-families usually don’t look like the Brady Bunch,” said Holly Meginniss, an MSW presenting a session on blended families. “There have been too many stressors and too few tools,” she concluded.

Rikki Gruen, another therapist and presenter, will discuss How to Affair-Proof Your Marriage​ in the morning, and How Marriage Makes Us Holy​ in the afternoon.

The most common presenting complaint when couples begin marriage counseling is communication problems. Dr. Ray Smith, who is also an ordained minister, will provide information to address that complaint: Talking Like You'd Like to Be Spoken To​ and ​Listening Like You'd Like to Be Heard​. He hopes each spouse will feel felt.

Many couples have a person in the family struggling with a mental health diagnosis which requires psychotropic medication. Patrice Griffin-Codd, a psych nurse practitioner as well as mental health counselor, will present information to help both the patient and the spouse to cope with their problems.

The Building Healthier Marriages Workshop is an event driven by community and client feedback and is part of the Healthy Counseling Center’s commitment to provide training beyond counseling sessions. After the Workshop, the participants will be able to have continuing support to build lifelong skills for healthier relationships.

For more information, call the Registrar, Lydia at (509) 466-6632,  lydiablackshear@healthycounselingcenter.com

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