Ladies, This 1 Flirting Trick Is Your Dating GAME CHANGER

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How to get (and keep) his attention on YOU.

What's the easiest, quickest way to break the ice with a new guy and make a great first impression? You’re at a bar and he approaches you. How do you stand out as the highlight of his night? You’re at a party, chatting with a group of old and potentially new friends. You think one of the guys is cute. What flirting technique will grab his attention?

In short, you tease him, or better known in my circle as talking s***.

When my boyfriend first approached me at a sports bar, the first thing I did, which he still brings up to this day, was poke fun at his hometown team. “It made me say 'Hmm, this girl is feisty and confident,' and I needed to know what you were about.”

Teasing, when done in a fun way, is a great way to instantly bond and peak a new guy's curiosity. First, it shows that you have a sense of humor and that you don’t take yourself or him too seriously. A sense of humor is a personality trait that is quickly rising to the top of men’s desires in a woman. He wants to know he can have fun with you.

Second, it’s how men bond with their friends. No one is acting like one of the bros is a good idea, but a little teasing shows you’re able to communicate with him in his language. Just be sure to keep it playful and tease some of his choices, not necessarily him.

Teasing shows a sense of confidence, which everyone finds attractive. Showing wit and banter (or in my case feistiness) says that you can hold your own in a conversation and don’t take offense too easily.

Playful banter is engaging. It’s the ultimate icebreaker you can achieve with a man you just met, and it's going to keep you on his mind long after you walk away. It strikes a great balance between flirtatiously engaging him and keeping him on his toes. You're showing interest by talking and joking around, but you’re still giving him a hard time, so he wonders if he’s really got a chance. That bit of mystery keeps him curious, and makes you so much more attractive to him.

Just remember, don't take your teasing too far. Keep it light and fun. Don’t say anything too mean or hurtful, and never take jabs directly at him. You can focus on the circumstances or poor choices he made in things that don’t ultimately matter like sports, his opening line, his fashion sense, or the girl he was talking to before he approached you.

Next time you meet someone new, use this one move to make you more memorable, playful and attractive. That’s how you spark his curiosity.

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This article was originally published at LoveLifeTBD.com. Reprinted with permission from the author.