3 Things You Better NOT Do If You Want To Be The BEST Girlfriend

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Don't you wanna be Girlfriend of the Year?

You know that couple that always ruins the party with their EXTREMELY loud fighting? Have you ever been that couple? Oops. 

Time for a dose of harsh reality: there are ways to make him so proud to have you by his side AND ways to immediately make him really mad at you.

So you’re the supportive, sweet, funny and graceful girlfriend. But maybe you comment and nag him too much? That will wear anyone down.

We all have bad days, but no matter what’s going on, there are three things you should NEVER do:

1. Don't fight in public.
Things happen. Your boyfriend might've said the wrong thing. Maybe you had to go to a friend’s party right in the middle of a fight. I get it. Just—please!—for the sake of everyone around you, DON'T fight in public. Leave that sh*t at home! Act like an adult and wait for a more appropriate time and place to dish it out.

2. Don't purposefully embarrass him in front of his friends or family.
Among friends, there’s friendly banter and sh*t talking, but when you disrespect or embarrass your boyfriend on a regular basis in front of his friends and family, it sends out the message that you don’t respect him. In turn, the people who are closest to him will not respect you.

Don't get too drunk and start airing dirty laundry or over sharing, and you'll be THAT much closer to Girlfriend of the Year.

3. Don't emasculate him.
Whether in private or (especially) in public, if you belittle him, curse him out or speak to him in a disrespectful way, you’re emasculating him.

Choose your fighting words carefully, and be compassionate when you speak to your partner. Tearing someone else down to make yourself feel better or more secure is immature and petty.

If you’re doing these things on a consistent basis, don’t be surprised when he leaves you. There are fewer things in this world more fragile than a man’s ego. That doesn’t mean we have to cater to that ego at all costs, but when in a relationship, we build our partner UP.

This behavior shows a lack of respect for your partner, relationship and yourself. And if you’re the man on the receiving end of this behavior, run!

Ravid Yosef is a Dating & Relationship Coach who works with local clients in Los Angeles and virtually around the world. For more dating advice, a free eBook and tips, visit lovelifetbd.com.

This article was originally published at LoveLifeTBD.com. Reprinted with permission from the author.