Spiritual Retreats Lead To Love


Why traveling to sacred sites can make you magnetic to your soul mate.

     I believe that in the modern world, while being raised to be part of society, we automatically disconnect from the wild magic we were born with. How can we find our own true love, when the truest part of us is missing?
     My years of spiritual practice has taught me that each of us is imprinted with specific, unique knowledge that we were always meant to share with the world at large, and with our love partner in particular. Unfortunately, this expansive way of "knowing" and "being" is domesticated out of us as we grow up.
     In order to re-claim beauty and aliveness, I put together spiritual retreats to sacred places. These adventures inspire the participants to open their own inner doorways, back to wonder and authenticity. A retreat positively restores the total of what we are physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. When this “wholeness” is reinstated, we are put on the fast track to finding our soul mate.
     Among those who know me best, my connection to angels, the faeries and divinity happen to be legendary. It is a thrill for me to witness retreat participants re-discovering the wild beauty and joy of their own truth. When one heals in such a way, the partner who has long been waiting for the right moment can finally appear.
      The next “biggie” retreat will be to Glastonbury, England, which I am co-leading with author, Signe Pike from June 24th – June 30th. Come join us! To take a closer look at what we have in store, follow the link below. Hope to see you as you follow the yellow brick road all the way to opening your truest heart...