A Meditation Gift For You

A Meditation Gift For You

This is a gift from the land of the Faeries to bring you healing and love.

In the past week, I was blessed with information that brought incredible healing and love to my meditation students at Equinox Fitness. I want to share this with you, since it was, and is, such a powerful meditation. You can record it for yourself, or do it with friends with one person reading the meditation:

Get quiet; watch your breathing. If you have thoughts, think to yourself, "I wonder what my next thought wil be." This question has a way of making it possible for your mind to stop thinking. Bring your awareness to your breath. Breathe in to the count of seven, hold for seven and exhale for 14 counts. At the end of each exhalation, mark a completed round on your fingers until you get to 10 completed rounds. (pause)

Pretend that you are inside your head in a circular room, with windows all around you. You are seated on a luxurious and oh, so comfortable sofa, with light shining on you from every direction through the windows. You feel safe and warm. Out on the horizon, you begin to notice a ball of light forming. It is moving light - it shimmers and sparkles within itself, and seems to make patterns as it moves toward you. (pause) The ball of light moves through the windows and comes to float over your head. Allow yourself to feel the energy of its power as it floats above you. (pause)

Now the ball of light drifts down into your head. There is no pressure, only bliss, as you come to understand that this is the light of healing. All your thoughts are healed. Your feelings of being "less than" because of messages you received from parents, teachers or friends throughout your lifetime disintegrate in the Presence of the powerful healing light. Wonder fills your mind. (pause)

You begin to notice that some of this light is sliding down into the center of your chest, into your heart chakra. All the emotional upheaval you have had to withstand as a human dissolves. Let it go. You might cry as you become witness to the hurts that have been dealt you here on this planet since you came. Whether you can experience the hurts or not, just keep saying to yourself, "I am releasing emotional pain and I am healing in this beautiful light." (pause)

When you are ready, allow some of the light to slide down into the lower region of your body, starting at your naval until the whole of your lower torso becomes a ball of this shimmering, sparking, moving light. This is where you create your life experiences from, and this place is now filling up with healing, so that you may create beautiful things from the highest realms of your own existence from now on. Allow this healing to take place; you surrender to it, as you dream of your own beautiful future. Please keep in mind that this is the time to get in touch with what you REALLY want. Your heart's desires are the things that lead you to your greatest truth and the reason you were born into this world. Dream well, dream beautiful, and dream big.

When you feel ready, open your eyes and write down as much as you can about the experience.

Blessings upon you,

With love, Raven