Know Thy SELF: The Doorway To Love


Why spiritual and inspiring retreats have long lasting effects that can result in love affairs

I believe that disconnect from the wild magic of the natural things around us creates Dis-Connect in the heart, which leads to all kinds of trouble when it comes to finding love. We are each born "knowing" amazing things about joy and about the deep relationships we innately share with all other people and things. We come into this life with gifts that only we possess that we are here to express into our world, with gifts that are a match to someone out there who is a soulmate. I believe we bring knowledge from the very stars, and from the vast universal powers that not only hold the stars in patterns in the sky, but also enliven our very cells!

Unfortunately, this expansive way of "knowing" and "being" is, in most cases, domesticated out of us as we grow up and are raised to fit into society.

We forget that we are incredible Beings, full of wonderful dreams and gifts unique only to us, gifts with which to magnatize a partner and to shine together ever brighter. Each one of us is a miracle, and in the tapestry that is the ever-expanding reality of the Universe, we are longing to know our "twin" with whom we can share the depths of our existence.

This is why I put together spiritual retreats to inspire the participants to walk through their own inner doorways into wonder. I believe that retreats activate true health in body, mind and emotions. A retreat positively affects the total of what we are physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. If any one of these four bodies is disturbed or weak, the whole is negatively affected. The radar system that we are that is sending out the signal to our own beloved is weakened, and sometimes fails to work at all, if despair is present, rather than joy.

As a Reiki Master, I’ve come to see first hand, and to know from within myself, that experiencing the re-awakening of your own spirit is an elixir that is truly wondrous...and I practice what I preach! There are spiritual teachers that I love to have workshops and retreats with, because I adore being in the position of "receiving" the inflow of information that enlightens, inspires, and therefore heals. The more one heals, the better the love life is, and that's a fact!

My connection to angels, the goddess and the faeries happen to be legendary among those who know me best. It is for the thrill of re-discovery and the joy of re-connection to one’s own truth that I put together spiritual retreats that heal as they delight. The next “biggie” will be to Glastonbury, England, which I am co-leading with author, Signe Pike from June 24th – June 30th. I invite you to come join us! You can find all the details on my website.

With love & blessings, Raven

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