The Heart-Mind Connection

Having a joyful heart is good for your mental health!

It's time to start feeling good in order to maintain a healthy state of mind that is attractive to love. In today's world, very little value is given to the feelings we experience on a daily basis. We are bombarded by images of war, starvation, natural disasters, the disappearance of species, melting icecaps, global warming...and I ask you, how much can any of us stand before we start shutting down emotionally to all this horror? Shutting down and living in denial wreaks havoc on our hearts, and that leads to romantic disconnect, for sure!

Not only that, researchers are beginning to realize that heartbreak can cause disease on the one hand, and that happiness can result in flourishing on the other. How do we manage to live more fully, and with more happiness to sustain our good health? How can one be centered and stay connected to the things that really matter, thereby magnatizing love into one's life?

What I do is, I perform rituals and ceremonies that connect me to nature and raise my feelings of happiness by doing so. We NEED nature in order to thrive on this earth. I am a New York City resident, and if I can do these things, anyone can.

Why would putting together rituals and ceremonies raise your spirits? (literally!)

When performing a ritual or ceremony, everything starts with an altar, whether you are putting one together that is now going to exist in your home from this moment forward, or whether you are going to Central Park to find a quiet spot, which means your altar is temporary. Whatever the case may be, when you decide to make an altar and begin to gather together the things you require, an inner focus starts to form.

Air: Feathers or incense...("Do I have a feather? Do I need to go buy some incense? Where is my incense burner? Or would I rather try a feather? Should I use the one I found in the park, or the feather that Sally gave me from her trip to England?") Decision = feelings of peace.

Fire: Candles ("What candle would be best for this? Where is that red candle? Do I have a white one somewhere?") Decision = respect for your inner voice.

Water: A container of water or a shell ("Maybe I'll use a pretty wine glass, or that antique cup from Auntie Sue. Oh, but I really love the shell I got on the beach in Charleston last February.") Decision = confidence in your choices.

Earth: A stone, a crystal or cut flowers ("I love this rose quartz, but this stone comes from a sacred place in Greece, but maybe I'd rather offer roses.") Decision = feeling complete.

You can see that all these decisions require consideration, and as you shift your awareness to something other than the tic tock stuff, your heart naturally opens! An open heart can attract love to it, because like attracts like, as the saying goes!

To perform ceremonies and rituals connects us to our most ancient, deepest self and to the natural world around us, which soothes the heart and nurtures the spirit. Why? Well, I believe it's because we all have what Martha Graham called "blood memory" - a connection to our ancient ancestors and to Life itself that is deeper than anything we can know with our minds. This "blood memory" responds to connection to the natural world, and that connection produces happiness. It's so simple - and you can do ceremonies in your home, in your own backyard, or anywhere else you choose. Plus, when you do these things, which to my way of thinking are like making love to the Universe, the Universe responds and starts to support your quest to live a life full of love.

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With love & blessings,

P.S. I'm re-reading Signe Pike's book, Faery Tale, One Woman's Search for Enchantment in a Modern World. It swells my heart with happy things, filling my mind with joy, while love flows out of my heart. Nothing could be better!