Dreams for the World on Mother's Day


Can reviving Mother Centered beliefs save the world?

 On Mother's Day, I would like to express my views as I look out my window upon a beautiful scene.I am overjoyed to see the lake shining before me in the sunshine, its color matching the blue sky. Birds are flittering here and there, the spring green is flourishing with the unstoppable force of Nature, and I can hardly contain my joy at being on such a beautiful planet! What I see out my window is Mother - I can tell this is so because of how I feel in my heart!
I don't know about you, but I, for one, am longing for a world in which people are more gentle with one another. I know, I know, I'm supposed to be "sensible" and realize that the human race just isn't like that! But is it really true that we are violent at our core, and that we have to "watch out" for each other? Maybe its just that we turned a corner a long time ago that brought us to this place where we find ourselves now. Based on my studies of ancient history, I really do wonder...

In the very ancient past, the first entity ever worshipped and revered in every corner of the world was the Goddess. She. The Great Mother, giving life, and receiving life back into herself upon death, creating life anew through her loving heart. Archeologists have found no articles of war in the oldest relics from the time in which the Goddess was worshipped and have determined that there must not have been any war.

In my opinion, since the time in which the human race was forced to turn away from the matriarchal, we have damaged ourselves and the planet. When did it become alright to kill each other over what we believe? Mothers know better than that. And when did we assume this planet is here for us to do with it as we would like, without care or thought of what we might be damaging? So much death in these patriarchal beliefs!

On Mother's Day I, for one, am doing a ritual and saying a prayer to the ancient Goddess Mother, asking Her for assistance in bringing connections to Life back to life! If you would like to join me, you can set up an altar and re-do the ceremony set forth in my article http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/charmed-life/201104/deep-inner-worki...
Let your prayer in this Mother's Day ceremony be one that comes from your deepest Self to honor Love and Life and the Divine Feminine. You can walk through pillar candles as indicated in the May 1st ceremony, or not; whatever you wish; just make the best prayer ever from your own beautiful heart.

It's amazing what we can change by changing our focus! I truly believe that if we as women stand up together in, and for, Love, the world will transform.

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers everywhere: mothers of human children, four-legged creatures, and/or plants!

Love to you,



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