Imperfect Is Perfect Wabi-Sabi

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Imperfect Is Perfect Wabi-Sabi

The beauty of life is all about accepting the imperfections.

Why is perfection so important to people? Happiness in life is not about getting everything "right"; it's about experiencing the wild and crazy things that you'll go through on the journey. And one of the easiest ways to really start to love yourself and lose your focus on perfection is by learning about the Japanese art of "wabi sabi."

Why is it that everyone gets so stressed out trying for perfection in everything and never making a mistake? 

For any program, event, or task, people plan meticulously ... but then if everything goes to plan, isn't that just boring?

The truth is that there is a greater sense of satisfaction when unexpected challenges are met; not when everything goes “according to plan.” When these challenges seem like they’re just part of the plan and you can pull it off so smoothly that no one even knows anything was wrong … isn't that a better feeling? That's the feeling of wabi-sabi; the beauty of imperfection.

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Whether it is life or a task or event in your schedule, if everything goes exactly as planned, it is normally described as "uneventful". The truly exciting times are those that bring in the challenges, obstacles, and better yet, solutions.

Sometimes the solutions may be right there and sometimes they challenge your skills. Think back on an event when nothing went to plan. Wasn't that the best?

It may have been imperfect, but wasn't it good? Expecting the unexpected makes you proactive. It teaches you to think on your feet, and many times to think out of the box!

You are then able to accept those imperfections in the final outcome and feel good about your ability to improvise and adapt.  

Knowing you’re able to take hold of the situation — no matter what happens — and face it is a good feeling. How many people can really handle that?

This ability to accept challenges and not get disturbed by it or feel guilty is an important a way of life and happiness.

In Japan, there is a concept known as “wabi sabi,” which is “… a world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection.”

This belief is an intuitive way of living that emphasizes finding beauty in imperfection, and accepting the natural cycle of growth and decay, or the law of “transience.”

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Wabi sabi is the beauty and appreciation of imperfect things, or those that are impermanent or incomplete. It gives appreciation to the parts of life that are unrefined or unconventional, celebrating what makes them stand apart.

If you start viewing life with wabi sabi in mind, isn't it easier to be stress free?

The acceptance of imperfections even leads to better health, according to new research. But for that, you need to have self-compassion. When there is self-compassion, you are able to embrace your flaws and mistakes.

The concept of wabi sabi is definitely is a beautiful place to be in. In fact, to understand it, you have to be extremely patient and observe your world and self carefully. You are real here.

With wabi sabi, things easily coexist with everything around. Simplicity is at the core of it all. But being simple is really difficult sometimes. 

However, when you are able to accept yourself completely, the ability to work in your space, in your way, gets easier. Living with the understanding of wabi sabi means you have no need to impress others, and you can accept your own fallibility.

Life will be that much more fun to live!

So the next time somebody around you talks about wanting things to be perfect, just smile and know that real beauty, wabi sabi, comes from the unexpected.

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