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When interacting with people, if bias or judgment comes up for you, stand yourself in front of the mirror. Also look into the mirror of your heart. If you find perfection, give yourself permission to be biased and to judge.

About Rashida Patel

When a loved one is ill, it’s draining, depressing and heart wrenching. This is accompanied by fear that resides in the heart permanently.  You freeze and your body goes into automatic response – my experience when my daughter was ill for ten years and as she healed, my husband’s journey of fractured health began. He was a conventional doctor.  I am a nurse with forty years of experience. I took matters into my own hands after my husband’s passing and when conventional medicine stopped working for my previously catabolic daughter, I learnt to live with illness in my home.

My two daughters and I learnt to live and to laugh through all that came to pass. My daughter is healed now - fifteen years later! I started educating myself in the health sciences and have never stopped. I transformed my hellth into wellth!

I use my experience as a Nurse, Wellness Coach, Reiki practitioner, Coherent Multi-radiance Therapist as well as research to better serve my clients and help them to live again.

With my experience as an Eating Psychology Coach I help people transition to their optimal weight without them having to diet, portion control, exercise food deprivation which feels like starvation. I also help people embody their body image, dissolve their digestive issues, mood swings, overeating, binge eating, food allergies, energy and fatigue and immunity.

I learnt that when even one of the eight areas of life is out of sync, one’s life stops working. As a Life Coach, I help others find synergy in all the areas of their life as I did in mine, through a system I created which I call Lifestyle Revisioning, so that they have balance in theirs and feel whole.