New Year, New You, New Life, New Love Part III


The Magic Formula for an Incredible Year (With Zero Breakup & Divorce Gloom!)

Okay, in Part One and Part Two of the “New Year, New You, New Life, New Love” series we talked about how to become the awesome person you want to be and how to think differently to get the results you want. Now it’s time for me to reveal the final step: My secret formula for an incredible New Year, one in which you have the power to create the abundant, joy and love-filled life you deserve.

And now, my magic formula for an incredible year is…


Here’s how it works:

The first part of the magic formula is intention. Your intention is the crystal clear vision of your desired outcome. It’s the power that transforms the life you have now, into the life you want to lead. It’s the vision that you want so badly that you are willing to push up your sleeves, do the dirty work and choose the life you deserve. It’s incredibly powerful, and for this formula to work, you need to know, with 100% certainty, what your intention is. For example, maybe you want to get over your break up and find someone new who cares for you in ways that your ex couldn’t. Or maybe you want to quit your day job and create that dream business you’ve always talked about.

To get clear on your intention, think about the life and love that you want and write it down. Don’t censor yourself or make your desires smaller in order to make them more attainable. I’m giving you permission to own everything that you want. So write it all down, and get ready to create. ☺

The second part of this magic formula is attention. This is your focus. Your attention is the energizer that gives you the momentum to work toward your goal. When your attention is 100% focused on your intention, you are committed and you are not giving up – no matter what happens. Even though you suffer through hellish dates with men and women who aren’t “The One”, and even though it seems sometimes like you’re not making progress, you are committed to moving forward until you meet Mr. or Miss Right.

When you are crystal clear on your intention and your attention is 100% focused, that is when you create change. That is when your actions result in incredible, monumental shifts that are in complete alignment with what you deserve, what you’ve always wanted.

So, tell me: What do you want to create? What do you need to do to get your intention and attention laser-focused so you can start living your dream life? I’d LOVE to hear from you if you want to communicate with me here.