New Year, New You, New Life, New Love Part II


Change Your Thoughts, Get Over Your Breakup or Divorce and Create the Life YOU Want!

Well, it’s a New Year. Can you feel the excitement? The possibility? The opportunity?

Even if you’re still reeling from a major break up or divorce, there’s nothing like a fresh calendar year to get you feeling energized about changing your life and creating more abundance and love for the next twelve months. I’m here to tell you that this can be the year that changes everything for you, but first, you need to adjust some things within.

If you want to create a better life this year, then you need to start with your thoughts. Your thoughts create your world. Look at 2012’s results and let them give you insight into what you are truly thinking.  Once you make the connection, you can mindfully choose to keep thinking the same thoughts or changing them, depending on the results you want to keep or change. It’s as simple as that.

Here are three, super easy steps to change your thoughts, so you can create a new you, a new life and a new love in 2013.

Step One: Understand How Your Thoughts Create Your Life

Here’s the deal: Every single thought you have is like a radio broadcast. It exudes energy that affects your mood, results and life. Here’s a perfect example: Let’s say your constantly tired and lacking motivation. As your coach, my first step would be to examine what you’re telling yourself on a daily basis. Negative thoughts like “I’m not good enough” and “Men always leave me” are going to translate into you feeling lethargic and low energy. In other words, your thoughts are doing their job perfectly.

However, if your goal isn’t to feel de-energized (which I suspect it’s not!) then you must change your thoughts. For example, let’s say you want a more positive existence, a loving relationship, a hot social life and a successful career. This is the kind of positive thought that would translate into those results: Okay, that relationship didn’t work, but I still want to love and be loved so how am I going to make that happen? What can I learn from this relationship? What am I going to do differently next time in order to create the results I want?

Step Two: Shop Around For New Thoughts

Much like the biggest mall in the world, the Universe gives us a huge variety of thoughts to choose from, ranging from super negative to super positive and everywhere in between. With so many different options, you have the complete power to choose your thoughts, and thus choose the life you’re going to create. You can either choose a low-energy, negative or destructive thought, or you can choose a positive, high-energy thought. It all depends on your goals.

Step Three: Acknowledge Your Pain And Choose Positivity

The final step is to acknowledge that even though you are living a more positive life, and owning the power to choose your thoughts, your break up or divorce was still incredibly hard. The hurt and sadness you feel is real, and choosing more positive thoughts doesn’t discount that. Truly changing your thoughts involves completely acknowledging your hurt and sadness, AND still choosing to think differently so you can have what you want. Your emotions exist but they don’t rule you, so don’t let the pain from your break up or divorce take over your life.

To your mindful choice making!!!