How To Spend Valentines Day When You're Single

How To Spend Valentines Day When You're Single

When you’re single on Valentine’s Day, it’s easy to feel left out because you don’t get to participate in the holiday in the “traditional” sense. It’s common to feel like you just want to stay in bed and hide out until February 15th, when the pink and red hearts go away and life can return to normal.

And I get how you’re feeling, trust me – I’ve been there. But over the years I’ve learned that Valentine’s Day is NOT only a celebration of romantic love. It’s a time to give and receive love and nurture the romantic AND non-romantic relationships that are most important to you.

Challenge the idea that the only way to celebrate is with a romantic night out with a special man or woman, and do something different this year. Here are five super amazing, non-romantic yet love-filled Valentine's Day celebrations that will make sure you're anything but lonely and depressed come February 14th. ☺

1. Have a "friendship dinner" with your girlfriends.

Call your friends and ask them to dine with you to celebrate your friendships, either on Valentine's day or shortly thereafter if they are all in relationships. At the gathering, go around the room and have each friend share a fond memory they have of you, and vice versa. Doing this will celebrate your bond and generate the warm feelings that come with giving and receiving love. You’ll be surprised at how much love will start pouring your way to fill your heart up.

2. Buy yourself a big bouquet of colorful flowers and decorate your home.

Who says flowers are only for people in relationships? Go to your local florist and purchase an extravagant floral arrangement that will make you smile every time you see it. Purchase decorations for your house that make you feel good, like a decadent scented candle, or a lavish assortment of potpourri. Make your space feel beautiful and welcoming for the holiday, so every time you come home you're genuinely happy to be there and feel the warmth of the heart-filled home you have created.

3. Join a local meetup group (

Always wanted to learn Italian? Have a special place in your heart for authentic French food? Check out and participate in one of their group events on Valentine's Day. You'll feel better because you're being proactive with your happiness and, bonus: you get to spend time with awesome people who have the same interests as you do! You never know you that special person might be right there waiting to meet you. ;-)

4. Hit the town with your single friends!

If you have at least one other single friend, call him or her up and invite them to a night out on the town. If you have a few single pals, make it a group event! Get all dressed up and go dancing, or hit a karaoke bar and make a night out of it. Whatever you do, make sure it's fun, upbeat and has no chance of turning into a pity party. The goal here is to have a blast on Valentine's Day and focus on the things you do have and can create!

5. Spend time with your family.

If your family is around, spend the night with them and allow yourself to receive their love. Let your mom bake your favorite cookies, or prepare a meal alongside your dad. Watch a romantic comedy with your sister, or play your favorite board game from when you were kids. Spending time with family is surprisingly healing, so if you have the opportunity to see them on February 14th, do it!

Remember, YOU are the CEO (Chief Emotional Officer) of your life. And as such, only you are responsible for making sure Valentine’s Day doesn’t suck. Sitting home alone and focusing on what you don't have is only going to attract more of what you don't want into your life. If you want to attract love, you need to create love. Take charge of your life and create opportunities for love to flow in and out. Oh, and have an awesome Valentine’s Day!