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"Love is the only label that never goes out of style." - Carrie Bradshaw

About Rachel Russo

Do you struggle to find and keep true love? Would you be happy if you never had to go on a first date again? Are you attracting the wrong type over and over? Is it tough to meet compatible singles both on and offline? Can’t figure out how to get the right kind of guys to ask you out- let alone commit to you? Would it be a miracle if you made it past the first date? Don’t know how to spot the red flags of the women you’ll inevitably refer to as your “psycho ex- girlfriends”? Unsure of how to be sexy and powerful in your looks and communication so that he or she will keep coming back for more? Do you need a mindset makeover so you’ll really turn heads? Conflicted about how to deal with your friend with benefits? Clueless about when to stay and when to leave? Interested in doing everything you can during your engagement and days as a newlywed to make your marriage as sustainable as possible?

Questions, questions, questions! You have them. She has them. He has them. We all have them! Fortunately, I have the answers that will lead to your happily-ever-after! As a NYC-based Dating, Relationship, & Image Coach, I help people figure out that “crazy, little thing called love”. With a master’s degree in Marriage & Family Therapy, an undergraduate psychology degree, and seven years of experience working as a matchmaker and love coach for well-known agencies and in my own business, I have serious credentials for helping you find and keep love!

Mostly, I work with marriage-minded singles and couples who’d like to change their marital status from single to dating, dating to in a relationship, or in a relationship to married! At my site, StatusMakeover.com, I describe some of my unique coaching services that can help you makeover your mindset, appearance, and love life. I would design you a completely personalized package, but to give you an idea: I’ve gotten clients into relationships and married by writing their online dating profiles and emails of introduction, making over their wardrobes, playing wing woman, speaking to them about anything from dating etiquette to how soon is too soon to have sex, and leading pre-marital coaching sessions! My clients say that I become their new best friend, am totally non-judgmental, make the dating process more fun than they imagined, and a whole lot of other good stuff that you can read about here.

If you are single, I can help you fine-tune or revamp your image and create a solid plan to attract compatible partners. If you are coupled, I can help you appeal more to the one you are with and successfully navigate the inevitable relationship challenges. If you are engaged or a newlywed, I have plenty of advice for you on creating a solid life-long partnership. I even have my own internet radio-show--Lovecast with Rachel Russo—which is only available on Wedding Podcast Network—where I give advice to those on the marriage-track. I firmly believe people should be more focused on the partnership they are creating and less stressed with plans for the wedding!

Basically, my life mission is to show you how to fall in love with your love life—no matter what your current status—as I fall in love with mine! And blog about it, of course! The truth is I am no stranger to telling all about my own adventures and misadventures in dating. As Ms. New York for a hot, new, international reality dating blog, 3six5dates.com, I went on 92 dates in a year and blogged about them! If you check out the site, you’ll understand how my own experiences in the dating trenches have led me to become super-empathic and successful in working with diverse single, Don’t get me wrong—I knew the dating industry inside and out before I started this project and even published a book, A FabJob Guide Become A Matchmaker--but there is nothing like experiencing what you teach others first hand! I also think there is something to be said for a dating expert being authentic about her own love life; do you agree?! (Maybe it’s because I am originally a Jersey Girl, I like to keep it real!)

For the full disclosure: I love spreading my message in whatever way I can and thoroughly enjoy doing speaking engagements and running workshops on everything related to dating and relationships. And, yes, I’d certainly fancy having my own TV show and taking these journalists up on more opportunities to be quoted as an expert in all kinds of media! Leave it to an “It” Girl—but a nice one, I promise—to desire the glitz, glam, and reach that can really make a difference for the masses! (Not to mention, wanting an "It" Boy of my own!)

If you have a hot question and could benefit from my instant, personalized advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can also get a free subscription to my weekly Labels & Love newsletter-which is packed with relationship and image advice as well as updates on my life and career-by signing up at RachelRusso.com or StatusMakoever.com. As a bonus, I will give you my complimentary report “7 Steps to Creating an Image to Attract the Love of Your Life". It will help, I promise!

If you like my mission and articles, we’ll get along fabulously! Don’t be a stranger! You can also email me at Rachel@RachelRusso.com or call me at 973-223-6406 if you’d like to work with me in some capacity. Cheers to love and life!

Rachel Russo Success Stories

Success In Dating & Image Coaching For Single Ladies

Single women

As a NYC-based Dating, Relationship, & Image Coach, I do really well working with the single ladies! As a  former  Matchmaker who has dated and coached more than her fair share of men, I  truly "get" the male species. I know what they are looking for, and I know how to help you get want you want out of dating and relationships.more

My speciality is working with marriage-minded singles and couples in big cities,but I'll work with anyone who wants to change their marital status whether it be from single to dating, dating to in a relationship, or in a relationship to engaged or married. Essentially, I give women--and men--a Status Makeover! I help them fall in love with their love lives, as I fall in love with mine! More details on my site at www.StatusMakeover.com.

My coaching services currently include single sessions and packages. How about I design something specifically for your needs, preferences, and wallet? I currently do: Visual Appearance Coaching, Wardrobe Coaching, Communication & Behavior Coaching, Online Dating Coaching, Someone-Save-Me Coaching, Starting Over Coaching, and Swag Your "It" Coaching for singles and Pre-Marital Coaching for couples (or half-couples)!

If you'd like to learn more about my work you can also subscibe to my Labels & Love Newsletter and sign up for a free gift. Get your complimentary copy of " 7 Steps To Attracting The Love Of Your Life" at www.RachelRusso.com

Feel free to email me at Rachel@RachelRusso.com or 973-223-6406 to disciuss getting started today!

Got Him Married By Acting As His Online Dating Ghostwriter

Single men

His reference is available upon request.  more

For now, let's just say a documentary aired in Russia two months ago, featuring myself and this young professional with the bride he wed in June 2010.

After ghostwriting countless introduction emails on various dating sites, I messaged his now-wife! A beautiful NY doctor who was everything he knew he always wanted!

She eventually learned that I was better at creating non-generic sounding online dating messages than he was and could care less.

I attended the happy couple's wedding, thoroughly enjoying their special day and all the satisfaction it brought me to bring these two extraordinary individuals together.

It's so amazing to think these two would have never found each other if it wasn't for my ability to pick up women online!

And this guy thought he had tried everything.

Patience is a virtue and a good online dating coach is sometimes essential!

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