5 Dating Rules For Plus Size Women

5 Dating Rules For Plus Size Women
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Dating can be hard if you're overweight and single, here's how to simplify it.

Curvy Dating Rule #4: Always dress in your most-fabulous!
I used to wear over-sized sweatshirts to parties in junior high because I thought they would hide my tummy better. And when I look back at those photos all I can see is an uncomfortable, poorly-dressed girl. Dressing for your body speaks volumes for how much you care about yourself and what you want the world to know about it. With the rise in tons of plus-size fashion bloggers (such as GarnerStlye), brands and clothing lines, there really isn't anything off-limits to women size 12+.

Whether it's grabbing coffee, running to the gym, out with the girls, off to work, or your first date with a new squeeze, outfits and style are an import piece of feeling great about your body. Fashion is also an opportunity for people to see just how much you care about your self worth. And trust me, people LOVE seeing a well-put- together plus-sized girl (just ask my co-workers who comment on my adorable outfits daily!)

Curvy Dating Rule #5: Learn how to attract & keep men that honor all of you
Dating is 90% mental; 10% physical. There is a craft to the art of attraction and it starts with your sexiest organ: the mind. Attracting the right kind of partner is about understanding and valuing yourself, and trusting that whomever you date will also hold their own self worth in high regard. You can tell when you're not being respected, and the good men out there know the difference between a woman of self worth and a woman of self pity.

If you're curious about how to attract and keep good men, you'll want to check out my business mentor Marni Batista and her life-changing programs at Dating with Dignity. Get on her email list and open yourself up to a whole new world of dating goodies. Don't allow yourself to hold back from being the light in someone else's life. Love isn't just for thin people. Love isn't something that is denied to those who don't fit the mold. Love first and foremost, comes from a deep sense of unconditional self love. These five rules are just some of the life-changing ways love can enter into your curvy life, so go out there, practice them and even better, write some love rules for yourself.

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