3 Simple Ways To Feel Instantly Gorgeous


Start feeling stunning in your curvy body with these tips.

Being overweight in our society isn't easy and rarely do we see someone in the media with a plus-size body who is the center of attention. While I believe this trend is changing in favor of curvy bodies, we have got a long way to go. This doesn't mean you cannot take steps today towards feeling drop-dead gorgeous at any size! Here are three really fun and simple steps you can do now to help you appreciate and sparkle in your curvy, lovely, body.

Smile more.

The quickest and most reliable way to make someone else notice you is to beam that pretty smile of yours. When we see people smile, we automatically feel attracted to that person, thinking, "They seem happy, I want to be where they are!" One of the most common compliments I receive is how I always smile at people and that I seem so cheery. Physiologically, smiling raises your levels of dopamine which is the happy chemical and happy chemicals in your body lead to actually feeling happier! No matter your size, a smile fits everyone.

Get fitted for the perfect bra.

I recently got fitted for a bra for my upcoming wedding at INTIMACY Boston, and let me tell you, nothing has made me feel more in love with my curves than enjoying how a great bra flatters my figure. Something so intimate and personal really makes a difference when you take the time to find the right fit. Search out shops that cater to your size, make an appointment and see what happens. Not only will your figure look more flattering, you'll feel sexy and confident too.

Follow body-positive content online.

I got Tumblr just so I could follow all the adorable plus-size fashion pages on there. It's empowering to see other women who share my body type flaunting their fashions, figures and beauty. It's great counter medicine to how mainstream society presents women. A few of my favorite fashion pages are Fuller Figure, Fuller Bust, Curvy Is The New Black and Fuck Yeah Chubby Fashion! You can even submit your own photo to them, how’s that for feeling sexy!

It's also really important to read stories and insights from people that support your body, lifestyle, and create a safe space for positive interaction and education regarding weight and health. I hope my own page is a resource for that but one amazing page to follow is This Is Not a Diet – It’s Your Life, so check it out.

Write your OWN Rules.

These are just a few of the bazillion ways to ditch the "I'm not good enough in my body" mentality that is so prevalent in our society. I'd love to hear YOUR own tips on what you do to help feel gorgeous, so share them in the comments below!

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