Pack Like a Savvy Single Lady For A Labor Day Weekend Getaway


Create synergy in your suitcase this holiday weekend and increase your chances of attracting "Him".

Full disclosure: Being that my luggage from a recent four-day LA trip included just one carry on and one personal item, I can say state the following with confidence: I am now fully qualified to dish out advice on how to travel in style this holiday weekend. As a single lady on vacation, you always want to look your best. You also want to have some general-know-how for creating a great single-lady-getaway! Travelling alone really isn't so bad. In fact, people are generally more laid back during their travels, and there will be plenty of men who'd like to chat you up. Leave no stone left un turned when it comes to maintaing an attractive image for all the prospects around you!

The key really is in how you pack!

Take it from the girl who used to lug heavy suitcases for just one weekend away--and ultimately be forced to play damsel in distress at stair cases-- packing light is better. (Come on, you know you too have plopped down your bags at the bottom of an intimidating stair case waiting for an ever so gracious gentleman to come rescue you! As if that was not part of the plan!)

It’s time to reap the benefits of being an independent woman this Labor, and you can be her by following my top three packing tips:

Think quality and not quantity. With clothing and men, it’s the quality that counts. One weekend equates one pair of jeans. You can dress them up or dress them down with the right shoes and accessories. If you are going to the shore, you really only need two pairs of shoes. Make them heels or cute flats for going out and flip flops for the beach. Unless, of course, you are working out, then you can also throw in some sneakers! If you choose good pieces—like shirts that can easily transition from day to night—you do not need to over pack!

Pick a color scheme. It’s so much easier to pack and choose clothing that can take you from day to night when you color coordinate everything. Neutral colors, browns, blacks, and whites are the jetsetter’s best friend. Don’t be afraid to add a splash of color—especially if you are hoping to catch the attention of a cute and equally fashionable guy! Make like a peacock and incorporate some bright summer colors into your outfits. Chunky bracelets or bangles and pink or turquoise costume jewelry still work like magic!

Make your products work double time! Are you that girl who has to check a bag at the airport solely because of your beauty products? I have news for you—it’s so much better to fit it all in the airport approved zip lock bag! (And with most airlines charging to check bags, your wallet will thank you!) Whatever doesn’t fit in your bag can be purchased at your destination. (Trust me, it will be cheaper, unless, maybe, you are going to London!) In a pinch, body wash can also double as shampoo. (Don’t listen to the stylists who say you can only use high end shampoos. Sometimes drug store brand really does work just as well!) . Reach for the moisturizer that also includes SPF and buy the lipstick that can moonlight as a blush! If you just get creative and switch up your beauty regime, you’ll find the possibilities are endless.

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