7 Tips For Picture-Perfect Makeup On Your Wedding Day

Rachel: If the dress is super fancy, the makeup should be simpler. True or False?

Jennifer: True. You never want to over do it. Your makeup should always be tasteful. When your dress is a show stopper, your makeup should enhance your beauty, not confuse your look.

Rachel: Smokey eyes and dramatic makeup or a natural look--what's more popular this year?

Jennifer: Natural makeup is always in favor for bridal. I would like to see a departure from the smoky eye for brides. In my opinion, it will become a dated look in years to come. Makeup artists will trend toward adding darker lip stains for a touch of drama. We will also see a trend toward more dramatic eyebrows this fall.

Rachel: What is the typical process you go through when working with a new bride/bridal party?

Jennifer: A typical consultation will begin with an initial conversation about the bride’s skincare and makeup routine. It is important to know if she has any allergies or if she is taking any medications that will affect her skin’s elasticity. It is also important to get a feel for her personality, so a discussion about her dress and any color/themes for the wedding are important to discuss with your makeup artist as well.

Rachel: Any advice for brides-to-be who rarely wear makeup?

Jennifer: Don’t feel that your wedding day is the time to try a completely new look. The most important thing is to stay true to you. If you’re a natural girl, keep it natural. If you want something a little bit special, you can always turn up the volume with a darker lip or a strong liner. 

Rachel: Any tips to prep skin before the big day? 

Jennifer: I suggest a gentle cleansing facial about one month before your wedding, but no sooner. This will give time for any blemishes to subside and for extractions to fully heal. Check with your esthetician to make sure your facial does not contain harsh acids as not to aggravate the skin or cause pain. I advise a light exfoliating scrub a few days prior to remove any dry flaky areas on the face. I swear by Origins Modern Friction – available at Macy’s and Origins stores. 

In closing, If you've found a guy who isn't a waste of makeup and are planning your wedding with him, why not get in touch with Jennifer?

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