5 Things Your Wife Wants You To Know (But Won't Tell You)

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Listen up. This is everything your wife has been dying to tell you.

There are many things your wife would love for you to know about her ... but she just won’t tell you.

Is she purposely not sharing these things with you or has it been awhile since you had a deep conversation together? The answer is different for each couple and even if she won't talk to you the way you wish she would, that doesn't make them less important.

Here are five things your wife would like you to know but won’t tell you.

1. She feels overwhelmed.

Between taking care of the children, making dinner and keeping the home together (not to mention working), she has a lot on her plate. You're her partner, not another person to take care of at home.

That’s why it’s music to her ears when you offer to make dinner or do bath time, even though you may have worked all day. Picking up some of the slack provides her tremendous relief, and she sincerely appreciates it. Don’t wait for her to ask. Just do it.

2. She has a hard time turning off the “Mom Reflex”.

She is not always attentive to you because the kids preoccupy her. It is not that she doesn’t care about you or love you, but is very difficult to stop thinking about them and their needs, even during adult time.

While it is crucial to have alone time with your wife, understand how challenging it might be for her to refocus her energy on you and don’t take it as a sign of rejection

3. She loves feeling cherished.

Even though you don't feel inclined to express yourself emotionally, one way or another you have to let your wife know you love and cherish her. Tell her through wordswritten or spokenor thoughtful gift or a romantic getaway. It doesn’t matter how, just make her feel special.

Guys are able to go without many of these things, but to many women this is their oxygen. When you cherish her and make her feel important, she feels valued and appreciated as a wife. When she does not feel cherished, she may feel resentful or insecure about your relationship.

4. She is sensitive to other women and potential competition.

Watch how you talk about other women and praise them, even for things that seem benign like, “Wow she’s a good mother.” She doesn't feel like she's the best in your eyes. The thought of you praising someone else when you may not praise her enough may make your wife feel that she is not satisfying your needs. If you have women friends or female colleagues, tread lightly.

If your own marriage is going through a rough patch, having platonic relationships with other women is very painful for your wife.

5. She doesn't feel heard.

Hear out her anxieties even if they seem trivial to you. Instead of telling her not to worry, validate her fears and offer to help her.

When she stresses out about next year’s carpool schedule, don’t brush her off. Genuinely listen and volunteer to help. Take practical steps together to relieve the anxiety, it calms her down and makes her feel taken care of by you.

These five points seem obvious, but you’ll be amazed at the positive and immediate effect they can have on your marriage.

Take charge when your wife feels overwhelmed, understand how hard it is for her to turn off her “Mom Reflex”, cherish her, be sensitive about talking about other women and validate her.

You are showing her that you are doing your part to creating a better and more fulfilling relationship.

This article was originally published at Themarriagerestorationproject.com. Reprinted with permission from the author.