How To Navigate This World As An Internal Person


If you are internal here is some help on how to not only cope with that but to use it to your advantage.

First of all, if you are more internal than external, know that nothing is wrong with you! Some of us are created internal and some are created external. Neither is better or worse it just is. So many internal people think something is wrong with them but that is not the case at all! 

Being internal just means that you learn from your experiences from the inside out. You always need alone time to process anything that happened. You need to be alone with your thoughts in order to really process and evaluate things. Too much interaction can frazzle you and not allow you to take in or process anything in your life which can feel very overwhelming. 

Those that are external, process and evaluate things by being around others and talking with them. They need to have interaction in order to process. They are able to learn about themselves better by seeing it through someone's else's perspective and talking it out. Whereas an internal person needs to see it through their own inner perspective. Talking it over with others too much only jumbles things up for them and confuses them. 

If you know that you are internal, know that it is your responsibility to always create enough alone time for yourself so you can process. If you don't have enough alone you will start to feel very overwhelmed and can start to shut down. It can be a very unhealthy cycle. And the same thing if you are external and have too much alone time you will shut down as well. 

Too much interaction with people without alone time to take it in and process it causes an overload for internal people. It's like pouring too much into a cup and it overflows. You need to pour only a little in at a time and drink it and fully process it before you can add more or you will just make a mess and not actually process anything. 

There is a scale of internal and external and everyone is in a different place on that scale. It's not just black and white. Some are extremely internal and need a lot more alone time, some are in the middle and some are very external and need a lot of time with others. Knowing where you are on the scale is very important so you can be sure to set up your life to what's best for you. 

A lot of people may feel they are internal but they are really external and vice versa. They just don't realize exactly how internal or external some people actually are in order to evaluate properly where they are on the scale. When someone thinks they are one and really are the other it can cause them a lot of issues in life so knowing either way is very important. 

If you don't know if you are internal or external I can find out for you in a Manifesting Blueprint Reading. The info on that is here:

Once you do know where you are on the scale it's always your responsibility to give yourself the amount of interaction you need. We all need a little of both to be able to move forward and manifest what we want in life but some need so much more than others. So really give yourself exactly what you need. 

As with anything in life we are all different so you can never go by what works for someone else. You are a unique soul and need a different formula than what others do and that's a beautiful thing! 

Once you know your internal/external formula and incorporate it into your life you will feel energized and not so overwhelmed. 

So if you are internal always allow yourself a good amount of alone time. You need that as much as you need food and water. It is very important and remember you are perfect just as you are. Do not feel like something is wrong with you! Give yourself the amount of alone time you need so you can be healthy and not always feel so overwhelmed! 

If you don't give yourself the right amount if alone time or interaction time needed, you will always feel overloaded and overwhelmed and I don't want that for you! 

Never let that cup get too overfilled! Give yourself the gift of knowing how much alone time you need and apply it to your life and you will have a much happier life. 


Kristine Carlson is a psychic medium, advanced soul realignment practitioner, life coach, and author. You can get a convenient, personal email reading, clearing, or personal coaching from Kristine on her website: 

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This article was originally published at Psychic Medium Readings By Kristine’s Blog. Reprinted with permission from the author.