How To Make Choices That Create The Life You Actually Want


It's most often the little choices you don't even think about that are affecting your life the most. So many are creating a life they don't want without realizing they are doing it. Here is how to change that. 

Our choices create our life not our heart or our thoughts. Our thoughts help us think about what we want to create but our physical action choices are what actually create our life.

You can think about making nachos but they will not just appear until you actually take the actions to make or buy them. Physical choices create physical circumstances. 

I want to give some examples of choices that can create your life without intending to. 

So let's say you are in a relationship with someone that is treating you bad. This can be in any form from not respecting you or your time to full fledged abuse or anywhere in between. 

When you continue to allow it and stay in that relationship you are telling the universe that's what you want and more situations like that will come into your life. But if you cut the relationship off at the first red flag you are showing the universe you don't accept or allow that in your life and you will not attract more of that. 

What you are allowing in your life is how you are showing the universe you want more of. Most people don't realize this and continue suffering through and more and more of what they don't want shows up. They tell themselves "If I just suffer through a little longer hopefully it will get better." But it's only by changing your actions to not allow that anymore is what will make it better. 

Suffering through something just attracts more things in your life to suffer through. Through your choices you are telling the universe that you like suffering through things so the universe says "As you wish" and sends more things for you to suffer through your way. You have free will and only you can create your life so use it to your advantage! 

It's important to be really clear about your boundaries. Know what you won't allow and be strong and stick to that so you don't let any of that energy start to creep in your life. Once it creeps in then more and more will pile on until you stop it. Suffering through something or continuing to struggle through only attracts more of that into your life. 

Every single thing in your life now you created by your choices. Knowing that is so powerful because once you realize that you can make choices to create what you do want instead.

It's important to really dissect all the choices you are making to make sure the consequences are what you do want in your life. 

If there is something or someone in your life you aren’t happy with, start taking steps to change that. There is always a way. Being a martyr and suffering through only attracts more misery to your life. Start creating your life how you want! 

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To get to the root of your issues really look at the energy of your choices. Are you doing anything out of obligation? Any obligation is like poison and will always get you off of your path. Really assert your control over your life and start working towards cutting out what you don't want and adding more of what you do want. 

The energy behind the choices you make is key. So let's say you want more peace in your life. If you don't have that now that means you are making choices that are the opposite of peace. So perhaps you are choosing to engage with people that aren't peaceful or you aren't allowing time for yourself to have some peace and unwind or ate piling too much on your plate etc. 

So look at where you aren't happy in life and know you have the power to make those changes to create what you do want. Your life is like clay, mold it how you want.

What are you suffering through or allowing in your life that you don't want? Start cutting out things that have the energy you don't want and start adding things that do have the energy you want. 

Don't just suffer through and get by, you don't have to do that! Create that happiness in your life, you are the only one that can do that! 

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Kristine Carlson is a psychic medium, advanced soul-realignment practitioner, life coach, and author. You can get a convenient, personal email reading, clearing, or personal coaching from Kristine on her website:

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This article was originally published at Psychic Medium Readings By Kristine’s Blog. Reprinted with permission from the author.