3 Steps To Stop Suppressing Your Emotions

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When you stuff down your emotions it causes havoc to you mentally, emotionally, and physically. So many times my clients come to me with an issue and in their reading it turns out the issue stemmed from stuffing their emotions down. 

Here's what happens to you when you stuff emotions down and how to use it to help you instead:

Emotions are energy in motion. E- MOTION. When you have an emotion that energy needs to be used productively or it will stay inside you and cause you harm. So let's say you have anger but you try to ignore it and stuff it down. That anger which is an emotion which again is energy in motion is now inside you. 

Think of it like a tornado inside you. The energy will continue to build and build which causes anxiety, depression, and eventually physical issues. Would you want a tornado inside you?

That anger you had will end up causing you worse issues if you don't let it out. It may come out years later at the worst possible time and in the worst possible way or it may come out 10 minutes from now but it's guaranteed that it will come out and you wont like it when it does. At that point after it built up so much you will feel like you have no control over it and that it is actually controlling you. 

So many people are living with lots of tornados inside of them and they don't realize that is what is causing their mental, emotional, and physical issues. 

Common ways people stuff down emotions is by overeating or abusing alcohol or drugs. Anything that is used to comfort, numb, and mask the emotions you are feeling is stuffing it down. 

You don't want to comfort yourself you want to feel and use that emotion energy and get it out right away so you don't need to be comforted. That energy has to come out somehow and if you choose to suppress it then it comes out by making you feel bad. 

Here are 3 steps to keep in control of that energy and not let it control you.

1. First it's important to feel the emotion. 

This seems like it is so hard in that moment and is why so many numb themselves instead. But if instead of ignoring and numbing you let yourself feel those feelings then very quickly they start to lose that power over you and you feel better. If you stuff it down you just end up feeling worse and worse about yourself for overeating or drinking etc. plus that tornado is still in you and will come to destroy you at a later time! 

2. Get that energy out! 

If you need to cry do it, if you need to scream, do it. If you need to speak or write your peace, do it! Whatever you do let it out! Don't let that tornado stay inside of you! You must get it out. If you stuff those emotions down and numb them, it will only get worse and worse for you. But if you feel and express them, it immediately gives it less power. There's no need to numb it if you get it out of you!  


3. The last step is to use that energy to your benefit. 

Use that anger, sadness, grief etc. as fuel to make changes and to create something good for yourself. Make positive changes to avoid getting in that position in again. Use your grief to help someone else. Use that anger to fuel yourself to create a better life to show that person that angered you etc. Use it. It is energy it is fuel! Use that tornado to help propel you and power you, not to destroy you! 

So instead take that anger and channel it into saying what you need to say or making changes so that situation that angered you can't happen again. Whatever you do use that energy productively to help solve that problem. This way you won't have evil tornados building up in you. Use that energy to create something positive in your life.

Our emotions are always there to show us that something needs to change. Use that energy productively and it will change your life for the better! Listen to your emotions, don't ignore them! Use them to your benefit! 

Kristine Carlson is a psychic medium, advanced soul realignment practitioner, life coach, and author. You can get a convenient, personal email reading or clearing from Kristine on her website here: https://www.psychicmediumreadingsbykristine.com/shop or sign up for her email newsletter here: https://visitor.r20.constantcontact.com/manage/optin?v=0011WP7IlgRMnSyMx-hnaXQ09gIVidzRNt9n8hoh0DqReq_bQ1QQteGHGHJRIMcj951gUI1Vphn3uwDZ7vtZqABISCrrdna9HW_vkXNZeRWf0IC6gqahrzdd4mhHu8vv0Ci5_AYsbpluAPDtXH4-_gMLbOX8xsJk2vyQ_muNfF-mghSl8l8TaeHmSnIoZp1p352

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This article was originally published at Psychic Medium Readings By Kristine’s Blog. Reprinted with permission from the author.