10 Comforting Facts For Those That Have Lost A Pet

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When we lose a pet it can be so devastating. They are pure love and it's heartbreaking to lose that. So I'd like to share what I've learned about crossed over pets through my readings over the years to hopefully help to comfort you in this hard time. 

1. You will see them again

Earth is temporary but the other side is forever. When you crossover you will see them again and it will be like no time has passed. On the other side you will reunite with them and continue on. This separation is only temporary. 

2. The greeting 

One thing I find very comforting is that when we first crossover not only do all our crossed over human loved ones greet us but also our pets.

I've heard many times how the pets practically knock the human loved ones out of the way because they are so excited to reunite. Just pure joy and excitement and a heartfelt reunion.

Another thing that I find exciting is that all of your pets that have crossed over will be together all at once. I have had many pets at different times in my life and knowing I'll be able to see them all together at once is so comforting and exciting. 

3. They are still around often

Very often pets come back to visit their owners on earth. I often hear that they visit in their favorite chair or spot and just try to bring some comfort. If you pay attention you can feel their presence. Some will smell, see, or feel them as well. 

4. They can still hear and see you

They can still hear you talk to them and feel your energy. Talk to them and tell them anything you wish. Nothing has to go unsaid. 

5. No guilt allowed

In my readings so many pet parents have felt guilty and so often the pet comes through to say they don't want that. Every reading is different but they almost always want to comfort you and to share their love. 

They never hold grudges their souls are just so pure. They never resent you for having to put them down or anything like that. They know the love that was behind it and they appreciate it.

They don't want you to focus on "what if I did that." Let go of any guilt or what if's and just focus on the great love and times you shared. They don't hold grudges or resent a choice you made. Overall they want you happy more than anything. 


6. They are no longer on pain

It can be so rough to watch a pet suffer. When they do crossover they are no longer in pain and are free from any earthy issues. They are in a wonderful place and feel amazing and happy so let that give you comfort. 

7. Don't fear replacing them

Often in my readings pet parents feel so guilty about getting a new pet because they don't want them to think they are replacing them. But the pet says so often that they actually want you to get another pet. 

They want you to share more love with another. They see it as an honor to them for you to adopt another pet. They don't see it as a replacement for them but as a way to honor them and their life. 

So many pets need homes and you can honor them by showing love to another. Also, getting a new pet helps a lot in the grieving process and creates a new focus and new life to move forward with. 

8. Fun and play

Pet's souls are of a different structure than human souls. They don't have the same free will that us humans have so they don't have karma to settle or anything like that. They just go straight to a place of peace and joy. Fun is the most common energy I feel from them in my readings. They just play and have fun and gather with other animals while they wait for you. Just pure joy and fun. 

9. Some reincarnate into another pet later on 

Sometimes some pet souls will actually reincarnate into another pet with you later on. So pay attention to any similar mannerisms it could be the same pet you lost years before. It doesn't have to be the same kind of animal either. So pay attention they could be with you and you don't even realize it! 

10. Their love will always be with you

They may not be here physically anymore but their soul will always be with you. Anytime you want to tap into their love just think about them and they will be right there with you. That pure love can never die. Feel that love and carry it forward with you always. 

Kristine Carlson is a psychic medium, an Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner, and author. If you'd like a reading to hear from a crossed over pet the information is here:


If you'd like a live pet reading for those that have questions about their living pets that information is here: 


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This article was originally published at Psychic Medium Readings By Kristine’s Blog. Reprinted with permission from the author.