Find Your Soul Mate Through Divine Energy

Find Your Soul Mate Through Divine Energy

Calling in Divine Energy in a relationship can guide you in your soul mate journey.

Divine Energy is God's energy, and He works through us to bring about changes, improvements and solutions in any aspect of our lives. In this particular article, I am speaking of asking for divine energy to come in for the specific purpose of improving our love, sex and romantic lives whether we are single, dating, in a committed relationship, married or in a difficult soul mate relationship. Those who know me and have seen my writings and my blog, know that I talk a lot about soul mates.

Soul Mate Love is very powerful, but sometimes we can't see if he/she is the right and perfect soul mate for us. God is always with us. We are never alone, and He is always waiting for us to say YES to bringing in a new and better soul mate for us or just improving our soul mate connection.

Above all, remember that no soul mate relationship, condition or situation has to stay the same. Remember also that when we bring about divine energy into our soul mate relationship, sometimes we can get the opposite effect of what we think we would like to create. This is because it could be against the person's will to improve the relationship or get closer, and it could be that God sees things better then we do. Divine energy through God can sometimes point us in a completely different direction, and it could be a totally different but awesome direction or He could help us get closer to each other than we ever dreamed possible. We never know, but God does.

Ways to Ask for Divine Love to Come into Your Life or Soul Mate Relationship: 

Light a white candle, stare at the flame (the flame is God), and ask for God to bring Divine Energy into your relationship, and ask for this divine energy to flow between you and your lover/soul mate. If you have a specific problem between you, divine energy will heal the problem. Keep in mind that the outcome may or may not be to your liking. Pray like this for 15 minutes a day, and you will soon have your answer.

Divine Energy Affirmations Pick One or Create Your Own. Make sure you are repeating your affirmation 1/2 to 1 hour a day over and over again out loud. Always repeat affirmations in the present tense. 

  • God's Divine Energy is flowing between ___ and me.
  • Divine Energy is flowing through me now in pointing me in the direction of perfect soul mate love.

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This article was originally published at Pink Chick Psychic. Reprinted with permission from the author.