How To Use Affirmations To Enhance Your Love Life

How To Use Affirmations To Enhance Your Love Life

Your life can change in an instant through the wonderful power of repeating affirmations.

Affirmations are very powerful statements that you repeat over and over again in the present tense to shift and change your life and to create the situation you desire. With affirmations, your life does not have to the stay stuck in neutral. I think of affirmations as recipes. I pretend I'm cooking and I know that I have all the incredients within me  to "cook up" whatever I desire in my life, a new soul mate, improvement in a relationship, success, prosperity and more. You are the cook for your love life and more.

It is very, very important to spend a lot of time and energy repeating affirmations, since many of our thoughts and beliefs have been instilled in us since childhood. Affirmations can help us to overcome long term conditioning. When our mind gets what we are repeating, we start believing in what we are repeating; and then it just clicks into place for us. Repeating an affirmation once or twice DOES NOT work. I recommend repeating an affirmation out loud over and over again 1/2 to 1 hour a day, if not more, depending on the importance of the situation.

If you are trying to change an inner belief about yourself, I recommend that you repeat the affirmation of your choice consistently EVERYDAY for 21 days. DO NOT SKIP A DAY. It takes approximately 21 days to change and transform a negative thought about yourself into a positive thought. You'll know that the affirmation is working and your specific inner belief is changing, because your life will begin to click into place. You will see situations in a different light and others will see you in a different light.

Example Affirmation  — I am a beautiful soul that deserves to be loved. 

If you are repeating an affirmation to release someone from your heart, mind, body and soul, like a lost love, you definitely would want to repeat your releasing affirmation for about 21 days. Again, you will know when you have released this person. It will feel like your shoulders are lighter and a burden has been lifted. When this happens, either your lost love will return or a new love will come in.

Example Affirmation — I wish you the best and I release you  ________. (Fill in the blank with his or her name).

You can also repeat an affirmation to rekindle a relationship or to get a commitment from someone; however, if you notice that he or she is backing off, I highly and strongly recommend that you stop the affirmation at once. This means that it is against that person's will, and believe me you can never go against a person's will.

Example Affirmation — Divine love is working through me now in rekindling the love, joy, and intimacy between  ______ and me.

If you are repeating an affirmation to enhance your already established relationship,  I believe you should keep the affirmation a secret and not share it with him or her. You always want to leave an element of surprise in your relationship. Be mysterious and enchant the affirmation with your inner magical power. They don't have to know, and they will always want to come back for more.

Example Affirmation — Divine love is working through me now in creating greater love, joy and intimacy between ____ and me.

Example Affirmation  Divine love is working through me now in creating the perfect night of romance and passion between ______ and me.

If you have time restraints, repeat your affirmation in the shower, while you are shaving, putting on your makeup, doing your hair, etc. Make it part of your morning ritual. You can also repeat them while driving in your car, washing dishes, vacuuming, etc.


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This article was originally published at Pink Chick Psychic. Reprinted with permission from the author.