Why Men and Women Cheat

Heartbreak, Sex

Worried your partner may stray? Read this article to find out why men and women are likely to cheat.

2) Misperceiving her true value as being about her attractiveness, weight, or even how attentive her spouse is to her--she has affairs or liaisons to reassure herself that she is desirable and worthwhile.

3) She cheats to retaliate against her spouse for a perceived or actual hurt. For example, “He cheated on me, so I am going to give him a taste of his own medicine.”

4) She has some suppressed early trauma (emotional neglect, sexual or other childhood abuse) that leaves her unable or unwilling to be entirely faithful to a spouse. She strays away from intimacy (and sex) with her partner, but looks to anonymous or intensity based experiences as a distraction.

5) She has unreasonable expectations of what her partner should offer her, expecting him to meet every single need. She undervalues her healthy need to maintain solid, supportive friendships with other women and her family once in a committed relationship. When her spouse inevitably ‘fails’ her, she feels justified to seek attention elsewhere.

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