The First Sex Conversation


Keep the conversation light. Don’t get into anything too serious and no sex on the first date!

Read this article to find out what to say and what not to say about sex when first approaching a guy.

You did it! You finally built up the courage and went up to the guy you’ve been eyeing all night. So now what? What do you say to have an interesting conversation that results in a date?

What NOT to do:
1. Do not ask him what he does for a living. You’re a single woman looking for a boyfriend; you aren’t a headhunter looking to fill a position.
2. If he ends up telling you what he does, do not follow up by saying “Oh, really? I’ve met a lot of people that do that tonight.” It’s insulting.
3. Don’t get into anything personal, especially your sex life. For example, do not talk salary or the position he holds at work.
4. Do not bring up former boyfriends.
5. Don’t come on to him too fast. In no way is it that sexy, it’s just slutty. He will only want to have sex with you.

What to do:
1. Be funny. Men absolutely love this.
2. Introduce yourself at the beginning of the conversation.
3. Pay him a compliment.
4. Make sure you have more than one conversation topic but any more than three is too many. Switch topics carefully! You don’t want to switch to something else when he is really into what you’re already talking about.
5. Go with the flow! If he wants to sit down and have a drink, do it!
6. Let him buy you a drink. It doesn't mean you will have sex with him on the first date.

Moral of the story is, keep the conversation light. Don’t get into anything too serious and don’t stay on any one topic for too long. No sex on the first date. If you follow these instructions, you’re a shoe in for a first date!