Years in Practice

6-10 years


Fairbanks AK 99708 - United States



Additional Expertise

Divorce Recovery Coach, Family Coach, Life Coach, Mediator, Personal Development Coach, Relationship Coach, Speaker/Presenter, Wellness Coach



I Believe

Make the most of YOU in everything you do!

About Terri Babers

Whether you are a "Multi-Passionista" or not, you may struggle to stay focused & produce the great results you're capable of. You have talents & passion enough to do anything; if you just knew what to choose or how to choose!  And when you are stressed from running on overwhelm, it becomes even harder to choose!

If you ARE a Multi-Passionista, the idea of doing the same thing all your working life is appalling yet you feel pressure to just stick w something, anything!

Even people who are NOT multi-passionistas experience these kinds of things …. For example, maybe you...

  • are overwhelmed & stressed from managing all your projects & responsibilities?
  • are afraid to commit to long-term relationship because he may not be “the right one?”
  • bear labels like flighty & unfocused & you worry about ADHD
  • have a "checker board resume"
  • are really good at your job but feel absolutely stuck there
  • and perhaps you are otherly organized and pefectly messy!  That can lead to tremendous stress and overwhelm!

IF SO I CAN HELP YOU figure out what you really want to do and help you do it! You'll to get at the best of yourself so you get what you want! You'll learn to....

Deal w stress! Stop it from kicking you on your butt!

Develop organizational strategies to select the right goals for you, achieve them, and calm the chaos as you go.

Stop feeling paralyzed by having to pick just one thing. Learn to choose well!

Make decisions & move forward w confidence. Figure out when to finish what you start & when to walk away.

Make use of your curiosity & creativity & STILL get stuff done!

End the shame of disappointing yourself & others, of not living up to your talents & potential
Do the things you were BORN to do & experience FREEDOM.

What I do best is help you identify & focus on the best of who you are. You discover your strengths & values. Honor your love of learning & sense of adventure. Enjoy a balanced life, eliminate the stress of chaos & overwhelm, & make time for what you really care about … and do the things you were born to do!

Using much the same process, I help women in the midst of the horrible grief of DIVORCE  .... I've been there!  And I've learned effective strategies to help you find hope and healing in the wake of the tradgedy of loss. 

~ Weekly, 50-minute telephone sessions
~ Daily Journal Reflection & Coach Responses on the Positive Changes Online Journal
~ Lens on Life & Leadership Assessment (LOLLA), the assesment series to help you Identify what works for YOU, & clarify what's stopping you!
~Teach you how to make your life happen your way!

Call for a free 1-hour session to see if we're a fit 907-347-3737

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