5 Tips For More Fun In Bed


Find out how to turn up the heat between the sheets.

If you are curious about exploring new sex positions to heat up your love life, you are not alone.

There are countless charts and books listing 169 Exciting Sex Positions, but most of those positions are completely impractical, if not downright ridiculous. You don't need to contort your body into pretzel formations to discover new levels of pleasure. Follow these 5 Sex Position Tips to explore what sex positions work best for you and your lover.

  1. Stay Comfortable: In order to get aroused, your body needs to be relaxed. If a sex position puts too much strain on your muscles and makes you tense, you will not be able to build high levels of arousal. Instead of trying the most acrobatic positions, find positions where your body feels comfortable so that you can relax deeply and focus on the pleasure in your body. If at any point you start feeling uncomfortable, switch positions or adjust whatever is needed to get back to a state of total relaxed bliss.
  2. Reach For The Clitoris: Here is the simple truth: women need focused clitoral stimulation to become aroused and experience orgasm. We recommend giving women orgasms before intercourse even begins, so that penetration is much more pleasurable (and possibly orgasmic). But even if she has already had an orgasm, keep the clitoral stimulation going during intercourse. The easiest way to do this is to reach down and stimulate the clitoris with your hands — or encourage her to touch her own clitoris. Most women find that when they include direct clitoral stimulation, sex becomes way more pleasurable. Find positions where one of you can easily reach the clitoris. The best positions for this are those where there is a little space between your bodies — woman on top and doggy style are both great positions for optimal clitoral access.
  3. Let Out Your Animal Nature: Doggy style, or intercourse from behind, has a bad reputation. Many women think of it as impersonal or degrading. It is time to reclaim this sex position to it's rightful place as one of the most pleasurable sex positions out there. Being on your hands and knees allows you to really move your body, circling your hips, arching your back and letting your body undulate with pleasure. This position also allows every thrust to vibrate all the muscles in your pelvis, which can create high levels of arousal. Your lover, entering you from behind, can stroke or scratch your back, grab your hair or even incorporate some erotic spanking. Doggy style sex can feel naughty and animalistic — and that is why it is so fun. But there is nothing inherently degrading about it, so go ahead and give yourself permission to get on all fours and enjoy the thrills of this sex position.
  4. Consider Leverage: A great sex position is one where you can stay comfortable while moving for a long period of time. Ultimately, it is all about creating leverage so you can thrust, undulate and ride one another until you collapse in orgasmic exhaustion. It is a lot of work for a guy to prop himself up and thrust missionary style. So think about exploring positions where he can use his knees or feet to stabilize his body and create enough leverage to thrust with endurance! Physics has never been so fun!
  5. Get Out Of Bed: Explore new sex positions by getting out of bed and making use of the rest of your furniture. Try having sex sitting up on the couch, allowing you to straddle your partner and ride. Trust us, it is way easier to be on top when you can plant your feet on the floor and move your body freely — much easier than squatting in bed! Find a piece of furniture that is the right height — the arm of your couch, your kitchen table or the side of your bed, perhaps — and bend over, allowing your partner to stand behind you. Again, it is much easier for him to maintain his thrusting rhythm if he can stand up and move his hips.

Follow these 5 Sex Position Tips and you'll be on your way to discovering the most comfortable, pleasurable sex positions for your sex life.

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