Massage & Sex: The Perfect Pair

Massage & Sex: The Perfect Pair

Like peanut butter & chocolate, massage & sex is an unbeatable combination!

Sex and massage are a perfect pairing. Like peanut butter and chocolate. Bread and butter. Both individual elements are made more delicious by the presence of the other! Sex and massage go so well together, we believe they should be understood as an inseparable pair! As sex educators, we believe learning massage is the #1 most essential thing you can do to improve your sex life. Learn how to give a great massage and your sex life will be changed forever. You’ll discover more pleasure, more desire and more intimacy with every stroke.

Ultimately, sex and massage are both about touch: the magic that happens when human skin meets human skin. The foundation of great sex is touch, the ability to give pleasure to your lover as you use your hands, mouth and entire body to stimulate their skin. We often forget this basic fact in all the cultural confusion about sex, and to great cost. Many of us are unsure of how to touch our lover for maximum pleasure and feel less than confident with our touch skills. Most of us don’t include full body touch as much as we could during sex, leaving most of the body under stimulated. Without massage, sex is simply not as fulfilling as it can be. The human body craves touch, and learning massage is the best way to learn how to pleasure every inch of your lover’s body.

Unless you go to massage school and invest thousands of dollars and several months to learning professional massage, where do you learn how to touch? This most basic of skills is never taught in schools, and so most of us just do our best and fumble through lovemaking.

I discovered massage after landing in San Francisco after college. While working as a sex educator and teaching sex workshops, I was intrigued by massage and signed up for a professional course. After getting trained in massage, I discovered that the way I approached lovemaking totally changed. I was able to offer my lovers long, luxurious touch and was totally confident in my ability to give them pleasure. I could help my lovers unwind after a long day with a foot massage and noticed that it often helped them get in the mood for sex. And when I brought my massage skills to how I touched my lover’s most sensitive parts, I discovered that my hands knew just what to do to create profound pleasure and powerful orgasms. Then I started dating Charlotte, another highly skilled massage therapist, and I was quickly convinced that massage skills are one of the most powerful erotic skills out there. I had been a sex educator for years and never encountered a technique more effective at creating pleasure!

When Charlotte and I shared in casual conversations that we were both massage therapists, everyone we told would react in the same way. A chorus of "Must be nice!" and "How do you ever leave the house?" and "Do you massage one another for hours a day?" made it clear that so many people were craving more massage. As a culture we have come to think of massage as a professional service, a once-in-awhile luxury or a medical service. While professional massage has an important place as a healing art, touch is way too important to outsource to professionals. Skilled, quality touch is not a luxury: it is a biological need. Our bodies crave and ache for human touch. Bringing massage into romantic relationships is the most effective way to experience more loving touch and has the happy effect of increasing libido and intimacy!

Charlotte and I started PleasureMechanics.com just a few months into our relationship, out of the commitment to share the skills of couples massage and erotic touch techniques with the world. Over six years later, we are still happily massaging one another and our video guides have reached men and women in over 60 countries around the world. Massage and erotic touch are truly skills that everyone can master and benefit from.

Everyone can learn to give a great massage. Our couples massage videos guide you stroke-by-stroke in effective and efficient techniques so you can give your lover a highly satisfying massage whenever you choose. We include five minute follow-along guides so you can fit a relaxing massage into even the busiest of days. Ready to combine massage & sex? Check out our erotic touch videos, where we bring the principles of massage to the most sensitive areas to show you how to create maximum pleasure and arousal.

Massage and sex belong together as two connected forms of physical intimacy that lovers can use to connect, communicate love and bring one another to great heights of pleasure. Trust us, once you discover the union of massage and sex, you’ll never want one without the other again!