How to Orgasm Every Time


Want to know how to orgasm every time you make love? Follow these five essential steps!

Wondering how to orgasm every time you make love? You are not alone! Many women want to know how to have orgasms. Some want to know how to orgasm more easily, others want to know how to have their first orgasm. The good news? With very few exceptions, every woman can learn how to orgasm and experience more pleasure. Our bodies are designed for orgasm, and with some (very pleasurable!) practice you’ll be able to master the skills so you can enjoy more orgasms, both alone and with a partner.  Here are the top five things you need to do to learn how to orgasm more easily! This article is about female orgasm. If you are a man wanting to learn how to orgasm in a new way, check out our resources on the Edging Technique and Ejaculation Control.

Trust Your Body Knows How To Orgasm
Orgasm is a natural physical experience, as natural as breathing. Orgasm is a climax of sexual arousal, a symphony of physical responses that includes contractions of pelvic muscles and a flood of pleasure-inducing hormones from the brain. Your body knows how to orgasm, you may just need to give it some practice! Check out The Pleasure Mechanics resources on the difference between Arousal, Erection, Orgasm and Female Ejaculation so you know what your body is capable of.

Believe It Is Possible!
No matter how much trouble you have had achieving orgasms, try to believe that it is possible! Your body is designed for pleasure, wired to experience orgasm. There just may be a few roadblocks getting in the way. But if you don’t believe it is possible, your body won’t try very hard. So give yourself permission to experience orgasm, believe that you deserve orgasms and approach each new sexual experience with an open mind. Remember, most women do not have orgasm during intercourse, but rather through clitoral stimulation from hands or oral sex. So if you haven't had an orgasm during intercourse, this isn't a problem, it is totally normal! Explore other ways of stimulating your clitoris, and then have intercourse after you've already had an orgasm and it will be way more pleasurable!

Learn To Relax Into Pleasure
Many women who struggle with orgasm have a hard time staying relaxed as they get more aroused. We live in a stressed out culture, so it is no surprise that our bodies need more practice relaxing! Learning couples massage with your lover can go a long way towards teaching your body how to relax during pleasure. As your lover massages you, practice taking long deep breaths and keeping your mind focused on the pleasure of their touch. Then, when you are receiving more arousing touch, your body will be better able to stay present with the pleasure as it builds towards orgasm. Schedule a relaxing date night with your lover, grab one of the Pleasure Mechanics Couples Massage videos, and spend an intimate evening learning how to touch one another with more skill!

Stimulate Every Part of Your Sexual System
The clitoris is the centerpiece of the female sexual system. It is the anatomical match to the penis, so imagine men trying to have orgasms without lots of penis stimulation and you’ll get a sense of how important it is. Always focus on clitoral stimulation, either through oral sex or the highly pleasurable fingering techniques we teach in our video guide, The Pleasure Mechanics Guide to Fingering. Hands are the best sex tool ever invented. Grab the video and help your lover become a master in touching your most sensitive parts! The techniques covered are the most effective way to learn how to orgasm.

Move Your Pelvis!
Are you lying still as your partner stimulates you? Get your body moving to amp up your arousal! Try simply rocking your pelvis to start, and then move on to more full body movements. Try undulating your spine, moving your hips in circles, and getting into different positions. Your whole body is involved in learning how to orgasm. Moving more will relax your muscles, get more blood flow to your sexual system and release any tension that is in your way from orgasm. You may feel silly moving, but most likely it will be really sexy to your lover!

As you explore learning how to orgasm, enjoy each step of the exploration. This is about pleasure, after all! Think of it as a journey. If you can enjoy more and more sexual pleasure each time you make love and masturbate, you’ll be on your way to an orgasm. If you are practicing all of these steps and still having trouble achieving orgasm, please write to us via our Ask Us Anything page at and share your story. We’ll do our best to assist you with free personalized sex advice. We believe every woman can learn how to orgasm, and that includes you!


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