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You don't have to be kinky to tap into the incredible pleasure of foot fetish explorations!

Would it surprise you to learn that the foot fetish is amongst the most popular sexual fetish amongst men? It’s true! Right up there with the threesome fantasy is the sexual desire to touch, lick and worship women’s feet. Foot fetish is crazy popular, and with good reason: the feet are one of the most sensitive parts of the human body!

To get to the bottom of this popular turn-on, we spoke to a proud foot fetishist for an episode of our podcast, Speaking of Sex. This candid conversation revealed the fascinating truth: the feet are a highly sensitive erogenous zone and we can all learn to pay more attention to the erotic potential of our feet! The term “fetish” simply means an object or body part that creates strong erotic highs. It is not a disorder or something to be ashamed of! The feet are part of the body, and including them in your erotic life is no stranger than including the breasts, butt or belly! Here are the top five reasons your feet are your biggest undiscovered erogenous zone:

  • Your Feet Are Incredibly Sensitive:

The feet have tons of nerve endings, and are designed to be highly sensitive to touch. Most of us wear shoes all day long, cutting the feet off from stimulation from the outside world. Kick off your shoes and allow your lover to touch your feet and you will uncover a whole galaxy of sensations. From a firm squeeze of the sole to tantalizing licks of the toes, there are dozens of ways to stimulate the feet. Approach it with an open mind and you may find that foot stimulation opens up a whole new realm of erotic stimulation!

  • Your Feet Are Wired Into Your Erotic Mind:

There is a reason it feels so intense when your lover touches your feet: the nerves of the feet are wired into an area of your sensory cortex that is very close to that of your genitals, meaning the brain interprets foot stimulation as erotic input. So as much as it may turn your man on to touch your feet, you may find it can turn you on as well. Relax into the sensations of your lover caressing your feet and notice how it feels in your body. Do you get turned on? Many women do, making the foot fetish far more universal than we commonly believe!

  • Foot Massage Is A Fast Way To Relax:

Whether or not you are interested in more erotic foot fetish activity, try the delicious sensuality of foot massage! Foot massage is one of the most pleasurable forms of massage and is incredibly effective at creating full body relaxation. If you are tired and stressed at the end of a long day, ask your guy to massage your feet for a few minutes. Foot massage creates full body waves of pleasure and releases the stress of the day, and you may find that you are more in the mood for sex than you were before the foot massage!

  • The Curves Of Your Feet Are Beautiful:

A central part of the foot fetish is admiration for the curves of the foot. In our interview it was called “a beautiful microcosm of the female form” and if you look at the foot it becomes obvious that, indeed, the female foot is very reflective of the female curves, a lovely hourglass shape. Like the individual beauty of every woman’s body, each foot is unique and interesting in it’s own way. Pay attention to the beauty of your foot: the lovely arches, the shapely toes, the strong heel. You may find a new part of your body to flaunt and flirt with!

  • Foot Stimulation Creates Vulnerability:

No matter how trendy sandals and going barefoot has become, the feet are still a private and intimate part of your body. Presenting your feet to your lover to admire, touch and maybe even lick is a very vulnerable act. Exploring foot fetish activities like toe sucking can make you feel vulnerable with your lover, and being more vulnerable can be very sexy! If exploring foot fetish play makes you a little nervous, channel that nervous energy into an erotic charge and you may find yourself propelled to an erotic high.

Far from a strange fringe, foot fetish activities are pleasurable sensual explorations that everyone can include in their erotic life. Try starting with a simple foot massage and see how much pleasure you can gain from paying more attention to your gorgeous feet!

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