Sensual Massages: How To Give Your Relationship A Happy Ending!

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Here's your step by step guide to giving your lover an unforgettable sensual massage!

What Is A Sensual Massage?

A sensual massage is a complete sexual experience that both men and women can enjoy. Erotic massage can create extremely high levels of arousal and often ends with powerful full body orgasms. The key to erotic massage is combining full body touch with arousing erotic touch.

Sensual massages starts with full body massage. This is an essential step in the process and can not be skipped or rushed. Full body massage relaxes the body, which prepares you for higher levels of arousal. The more relaxed you get, the more arousal you can handle. Learn how to give professional quality massage at home with the Couples Massage Mastery Online Course.

How To Give A Sensual Massage

We recommend starting with a full back massage and then flipping over for front of body massage. Once the recipient is fully relaxed, you can start spiralling slowly in towards the erogenous zones.

The transition between full body massage and erotic stimulation must be seamless. Tease out this transition and you can build anticipation and desire. Here are a few techniques to use when making the transition between full body touch and erotic stimulation:

Glide your hands down from the chest, across the belly, just to the edge of the pubic bone and then glide out and down the thighs. Get oh-so-close and then move away.

Glide up one thigh, onto the belly and then down the other thigh. Repeat in a mesmerizing rhythm.

Glide lightly down the sides of the body. The sides of the torso can be extremely sensitive and are rarely touched. Glide down, across the hips and then up the belly. Repeat.

Slowly get closer and closer to touching your lover's most sensitive parts. Then, when neither of you can wait any longer, make the transition. Rest one hand on your lover's heart and place your other hand over their genitals. Simply rest and take three deep breaths.

Now you can begin stimulating your lover's genitals to start building arousal. Use all of the techniques you learn in our Foreplay Mastery Course to touch every part of their sexual system to build maximum arousal.

Once you've started with erotic stimulation, don't ignore the rest of your lovers body. Try using one hand for erotic stimulation and the other for full body touch. The more skin to skin contact you can create, the better. Use long glides, circular motions and a range of pressure all over their body.

As you are building arousal, think about peaks and valleys of a mountain. This is how you want to approach their arousal. Build it up, then spread it out with full body touch. Then you build it up again, getting close to orgasm without tipping over into the climax.

Communicate clearly with your lover and see how close to climax you can get. When you get close, take a break from erotic stimulation and focus on full body touch. Kiss your lover, glide your body over theirs, brush your hair along their skin.

Keep it fun and playful. Once their arousal has settled down a bit, go back to erotic touch and build it up again.

Many people are surprised at just how much arousal they can handle while receiving erotic massage. Women are surprised at how much pleasure they can feel when they give themselves permission to receive the full attention of their devoted lover.

Men are surprised at how long they can sustain arousal and maintain erections. When receiving erotic massage people often experience far more arousal than they new possible.

When you are ready to create a powerful climax, keep building arousal until your lover is on the brink of orgasm. Then keep going, amping up arousal without taking a break until they hit a peak, have an orgasm or collapse in a heap of pleasure.

Some people have a familiar orgasm, others experience a bigger full body orgasm, feeling the arousal stream throughout their body. Some people describe the sensations "shooting out the top of their heads" or "tingling all the way down to their toes."

The only way to find out what is possible for you is to explore erotic massage! Remember that just as with any skill, erotic massage will only get easier and more comfortable as you explore over and over again.

Remember erotic massage is a one-way erotic experience. One person focuses entirely on giving and the other gets the luxury of fully receiving.

Most of the time you won't want to switch roles right away - the receiver will be in an altered state after being taken on the erotic massage journey, and it is best if you allow the experience to be savored and then switch roles another day.

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