Party of One ~ Tips on tackling the holiday season solo

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Breakup recovery site, gives tips on surviving the holiday season alone.

Contrary to popular thought, the holidays aren’t nearly as cozy a time for couples as we’re led to believe: a recent study showed a spike in Facebook users changing their status to “single” in December more than any other time of year. So, what's a girl to do if you find yourself solo this time of year? Here are three easy ways to celebrate on your own terms:

Party smart. 
Choose your celebrations wisely. It’s perfectly okay to stay away from parties full of couples that just make you feel like crap. There’s nothing wrong with saying no when you know it will save your sanity. If you’re seriously in the hostess zone, consider throwing a holiday party of your own and only invite singles – no couples allowed… or invite couples, but tell them you’ll only let them in if they bring a single friend. It’s all about watering down the sea of “we’s.”

Give the ultimate gift.
Sure, your sadness is understandable if you’ve just gone through a breakup. No matter how much despair you might be in, though, somebody out there has it worse than you. Someone in the world could benefit from your empathy rather than your apathy. So, splurge on some toys and donate them to charity. Even better: donate your time to a non-profit organization (Meals on Wheels, Salvation Army) that needs extra hands this December. No plans on Christmas Day? Volunteer at a soup kitchen. And don’t just say you’ll do it… actually do it. The rewards are in the act itself, the perspective you’ll gain from it, and the smile you’ll put on someone else’s face.

Create your own traditions.
How’s this for a fresh perspective: you don't need a mate to be happy this season. While everyone is focused on family traditions, why not create some of your own? Instead of foraging for a plus one because of societal pressures, why not dive into the relationship you already have that matter the most to you? Look at your friendships & relationships with family members and figure out how to be better at each one. How about taking new years resolutions to the next level? Use the holidays as a time to reflect on exactly where you are in your life, where you want to be; how you're going to get there. Or, start living your passions. Dive headfirst into that novel you’ve been wanting to write, that trip you’ve wanted to take or whatever else you’ve been putting off, but are longing to do.

Do it now as a holiday present to yourself.

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