Moving on & Looking Back

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Ellie shares her personal experience with moving on in her career and what it was like to look back.

I’m not nearly as emotional as I thought I would be. Sitting in the KPRC newsroom, a few feet from the desk I used to call home base as a reporter, I should be feeling more about my past. I’m back where it all started… isn’t that worth something?

Two years ago almost to the day, I left KPRC and my comfort zone. I was certainly scared and not just a little naïve about what it would take to start a business, but I was also excited. It wasn’t just that I was starting something new. The excitement wasn’t just skin deep, it was a soul-bending, racing-through-my-veins kind of feeling that was hard to contain. I was leaving everything I knew… my career, my home & my city, my friends and embarking on an important adventure to help women take charge of their lives. I was beyond thrilled.

The last two years since launching Pink Kisses have been more fulfilling, more challenging, more unpredictable and more emotional than I ever could have imagined. I wouldn’t change a second of it for anything.

In that time, I’ve learned that nothing is impossible if you’re willing to put your soul into it… and I’ve tried to spread that message to all of you. Chasing your dreams isn’t just a cute phrase, it’s a way of life. You have to dive in, commit fully and never look back.

I’ve learned that every woman has a bombshell within her, dying to come out. And you know what? It never surprises me when another woman is able to make incredibly courageous changes in her life. The hardest thing to learn was that I could do the same thing. And I have.

Sitting at this desk, staring my past in the face, I don’t feel any regret. Not one bit of questioning if I made the right decision or wondering what it would be like to come back. What I feel is an overwhelming sense of gratitude. I am so thankful for everything that my life is at this very second and all of the possibilities that are wide open in my future. I am thankful that I get to be tangled up in this wonderful web of experiences with incredible women by my side and an amazing family who supports me. I am thankful that I had the courage to move on & change my life so that I can help other women to do the same.

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