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The 5 surprising secrets to conscious flirting.

Do you remember the feeling of your heart racing as a random stranger gives you a gorgeous smile and says something playful to you?

Or perhaps you are feeling particularly juicy and find yourself smiling and engaging in a fun banter with your local grocer?

Or maybe you have notice how your friend always seems to charm everyone while you feel a little unnoticed?

Flirting is more than just a smile and some quirky lines, flirting is how we celebrate the beauty of being alive.

Flirting is Natural & Necessary

Flirting is for all ages and is actually the lubricant of delight in our world.

I’m not speaking about the type of flirting that is locked into a goal of ‘getting something’ or just purely ‘sexual’ in its intent.

The true expression of flirting is a genuine desire to share in the beauty of life and ignite another person, even for a brief moment.

Flirting of this kind is never inappropriate and nor is it something we need to read a book on, it is something all of us naturally know.

It is our ability to see beauty in others along with the desire to see this beauty shine even brighter.

5 Insights to Artful Flirting

1. Beauty Within And Without

Artful flirting is not possible if we do not acknowledge beauty, within ourselves and others.

This means we must seek to experience and express our own innate beauty regularly.

It also means defining for yourself what beauty is and allowing beauty to touch you profoundly, actually opening you up to the deep experience of aliveness within you.

2. Authentic Warmth

Another secret to successful flirting is to spend time opening your heart.

Discover what burdens your heart and do your best to transform that and make new choices.

You will find yourself falling in love with yourself which naturally translates into having a warm, authentic presence.

3. Marrying Our Heart And Erotic Nature

This inner marriage is yet another fundamental must in artful flirting and succulent living.

This is when your emotional nature is allowed to blossom, mature, and to become a lover with your erotic nature.

It is also when your own sexuality is honored for her wisdom, innocence and intelligence.
Your erotic nature yearns to be met by the radiant respect of your heart.

This union within you gives you access to delicious, new, subtle (but not so subtle) experiences of your pleasure as your birthright.

It also creates a gourmet relationship with yourself which allows you to go out into the world from an abundant place of true desire and creativity. Keep Reading...

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