Depression: Step-by-step plan for getting back the spark of joy


The first step is simple, you can even do it from the bed or the chair you are sitting in.

Have you been suffering from depression and feeling hopeless?  Have you tried but don’t know how to change these feelings? 

Are you wishing for something, some “guiding light,” some technique, anything that’s will help you to get out from under the dark spell of depression?  I want you to know that here is hope !  I have a step-by-step plan of actions for you to take.  They are it easy to follow, because I know that when you are depressed it’s difficult to concentrate or to have energy to even read a short article. 

I realize that when you are depressed and your energy is depleted it might be hard to even get out of bed, not to mention reading an article on how to get relief.  So to make this even easier, I give you a link to a video that will guide you through the first action step.

So, please, read on and take action, by going to watch the video today.  Take the first step in changing your life today.     The link is at the bottom of this article.

My name is Audrey Sussman and for over the past 25 years I have helped my clients to find a way to move themselves from feeling depressed and hopeless, to feeling optimism and energy. 

The first step is simple. It is something so easy to do that you can even do it from the bed or the chair you are sitting in. So I’ll keep this to just the first step.

In the days and weeks to come, I’ll give you the next steps.  If you follow the step-by-step plan, you might even surprise yourself as you begin to look forward to doing the next small step.  Keeping it simple, taking tiny steps moves you in the direction of hope, until one day you notice you are thinking and feeling differently.

So, for you who are suffering with depression, worry, or loss of hope, lets start with the first easy step, and it’s something that only requires your doing something you are doing anyway.  This is it: Changing your breathing pattern.   This is a physical or behavioral technique to change your state of mind.  There are other techniques to deal with negative thoughts and emotions, but we need to start with  the 1st step first. 

Go to and click on the tab that says, “breathing for calm.”    Practice it every day for the next two weeks, and stay curious. If you would rather have the written directions go to and go to the box on the right to download the directions.

That’s it for today.  Start with the first behavioral change, and you’ll be preparing yourself for the next step, I’ll be giving you.