Take The Desperate Out Of Love

When you are feeling out of control or desperate that is your sign not to try and control what it outside of you but rather to go inside and to take care of that emotion. Go inside and have a nice long visit with whatever is driving you to be desperate and work on stopping your urge to go in and try and control someone else to make you feel better inside about yourself. When we are acting crazy, we know it. There is no one outside of us that can really make us feel better about this. Scale back, when you feel out of control and focus on yourself. You are essentially the only thing you have any control of. If you do not have control over yourself you will drive all love away. So, grab your wits about you, go inside, and focus on yourself.

You should always come first. If you have plans keep your plans no matter who calls, if you don’t feel like doing something for someone don’t do it. Learn to say no when you need to say no. Learn to assert yourself in this way so people can really know who you are instead of who you are trying to be to make them happy. It is best to be loved for who you are don’t you think? Remember courage dismantles fear. Step up and be yourself, learn to put yourself first and you will become mysterious, more unpredictable, not so available and much more attractive. You are beautifully you and if you don’t find yourself beautiful then you have emotional work to do. Get yourself to the place where you are strong enough to set your way. Stop chasing as it is wasteful and only serves to lower your self-esteem and to increase your desperation.

There is really no reason to be desperate about anything if we get ourselves into the belief that there is enough of everything for everyone. There is enough love, enough money, and enough time for all things to fall into place. It comes down to each person working their insecurities, studying them, learning to understand them so they can take the desperate out of the insecurity. Insecurity drives desperation and desperation drives love away which makes people even more insecure. Clearly there is only one place to start if we are to take the desperate out of love. Start by loving yourself. You come first and everyone else comes second.  You should not have to audition for love.  When you love yourself it will create open space in your life. 

Love is an emotion that needs space so it can expand.  When you control you block and shrink the space for love to go.  Start with you.  Do what you love, wear what you love, smell like you  love, be what you love, discover what you love, express what you love, be proud of your love, and love will come. 

Little life lesson: When you feel out of control learn to scale back and focus on yourself. You are the only thing you can control.