It's Over! Dealing With The End Of A Relationship

Love, Heartbreak

Why does it benefit us to be happy and fulfilled as individuals? It benefits us because a sense of individuality is the marker of confidence and attraction. If we are needy, jealous or have too high of expectations of others we will be sorely let down in all our relationships. It is possible to be in a relationship and still do life in our own ways and still feel a sense of fusion with another. Being alone and being in grief is the first step to being our own individual without someone placing limits or expectations upon us. When we can have the experience that we like who we are and that we can do life on our own we begin to emit an entirely different energy about us, and this is attractive to others.

When we are happy within we are more self-sufficient. Our lives are built now around our own individual habits, schedules and desires; when we are really content with this there is no love out there that can take this from us and we are able to be in love and have the love of our own lives at the same time. This is the ultimate goal because two individuals who know who they are and who love their individual lives are two people who can stand the test of time when it comes to love. If you are in a loss the only way out is through.

Little Life Message: love yourself, love your life and do things in your own way.

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