6 Things To Consider Before Shacking Up

6 Things To Consider Before Shacking Up [EXPERT]

Are you thinking of living with your significant other? Consider these 6 factors first.

When people live together, this often stops. When we live together we come home, land on the couch and we forget to plan special time out because we immediately take it for granted our partner is readily available. Never take for granted the time to let your partner know they are worth your time and planning. 

For this reason, plan special nights out each week and weekend. Alone time gets you back into the romantic/sexual aspect of your relationship. When you stay at home all the time in front of the TV you become roommates. Get out and enjoy each other so you can keep the sexual/romantic aspects alive.

6. Keeping independence. If you choose to live together, make your first commitment not to your partner but to keeping your individual life exciting, interesting and alive with passion. We are the sexiest to others when we are independently fulfilled.

One of the cons of living together is losing the independent exuberance for life you used to have while single. It is often that independent exuberance that attracted your partner to you in the first place. Happiness is the sexiest quality you can have and if you start to base your happiness on your partner you will immediately become less attractive. Does Premarital Cohabitation Predict Divorce?

The goal is to keep your eyes on your own life and fill it up with as much joy and passion as possible. You want to remain interesting to your partner, so if you keep your individual life alive and growing you will always have something interesting to share with the person you love. What a joy to be continually impressive to the one you love.

Little life message: Make smart decisions, commit to your life, then commit to your partner and marital bliss will be up ahead.