Dial Down Worry in 4 Easy Steps


Dial Down Worry

The 4-Step Process:   
1. Notice and become aware of worry imagery:
 Monitor the cues; Identify the triggering thoughts/images; ID the sensations
As you recognize the cues for worry apply the next steps quickly afterwards.
2. Learn and apply relaxation at the earliest moment of worry:
for some free relaxation exercises go to:
Practice several forms so as to apply quickly when needed
3. Actively Challenge the worrisome thought:
Take a critical stance (Courtroom Exercise – Where’s the evidence?   Remember that feelings do not count as evidence.)
Also ask these questions:
Is there an alternative explanation?
Are there constructive steps to take?
Is it productive to keep worrying?
Most worry has little or no evidence for the feared outcome and further worry (rumination) is
When there are no further constructive action steps to take, it’s time to turn off the ‘worry machine’ of your mind. 
Try repeating a phrase in the face of worrisome thoughts such as:
“There's nothing more that I know, so let it go"
4. Turn your attention and thinking to something productive and important.