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1-3 years


Little Rock AR 72223 - United States



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Teaching the world better relationships through Christ centered personality consultations

About Daniel Faust

After been a child of a divorce and almost going thru one myself, God called me in 2007 to "teach the world better relationships".  It took a couple more military deployments, some moves and three more kids to become certified in "DISC model of behavior" through Personality Insights and IACET. We having been training military groups and couples for the past 1 1/2 years on how to have better relationships with understanding how God has wired us.   Divorce is on the rise espicially in the Christian faith.  The only thing that saved and continues to save our marriage is Christ and understanding how God has wired us.  We don't know everything but want to humbly walk with you in your marriage and family to help you love your spouse as Christ commands us to in a fun and practical way. 


Note:  We are Martial/Family Consultants which will help you with your marriage but are not licensed/insured etc.  Like counselors/coaches/therapist, we want to help but not certified clinically.  We walk with you together as equals sharing what God has taught us and train you on DISC model of behavior (Certifed and Accredited) and look in His scriptures together