You Deserve What You DeSire

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The deep deSire in your heart comes straight from the Divine. This is good news!

Doesn't that just roll off your tongue so beautifully? You Deserve What You DeSire!

Take that in for a moment and Feel how that affects you.

If you can take it in as a True statement for you, I’d bet you’re Feeling really good right now.

It’s one of my little Mantras that I use when I’m tempted by my old programming from the past to deny mySelf something that would make me happy. But it's more than that. It's not just a little sentence without substance. It's actually the embodied Feeling in it, that makes it powerful and real.

Do You Ever Deny YourSelf Anything Good?

To me it Feels like this program of Self denial was hardwired into us when we took birth. If you were so Blessed to be born into a family with a more generous wiring, you probably have an easier time receiving and acting on your Longing.

It has taken me a long, long time and a lot of hard work to undo this wiring and morph it into a neural pathway that has open doors to receiving and fulfillment. My project is not complete yet, although more and more doors have opened and keep opening.

When I started my journey back in the 80’s the wiring was dense and tense and immense. It felt like moving through thick concrete walls in order to get access to what I Felt, what I Longed for and who I Am. Collectively, over time, we have softened the wires and thinned the walls and we are all benefitting. Collectively we are making it easier for all those who come behind us to help us all be open receptors for the Grace of the Divine.

It’s Getting Easier

Are you experiencing it too that it’s getting easier to receive, and follow your own Heart, even though it’s no smooth ride yet? If you're not, please sign up for one of my free Discovery Sessions, where we'll explore what is keeping your doors shut and how we can open them up again.

Generally, I notice that many of us are rewiring our outdated programs into more Loving, Loose and Liberated ones that suit our Heart’s Longing better.

The wiring that told us that life it hard is slowly coming apart. Consequently, many of us are now able to Feel that it’s OK to start living with more Ease and Grace as well as feeling Fulfilled in our Hearts.

When you Know how to Listen to your Heart and Feel your deep deSire, the next step is to make yourSelf available for it. Understanding the Feeling of deSire helps you enter the Ease and Grace.

True Meaning Of DeSire

Let me remind you of what deSire really means. Many years ago during a deep meditation, I was shown the true meaning of deSire, which is why I spell it with a capitalized S.

Realizing its true meaning and where it comes from, demystified and ‘legalized’ it instantly.

I saw the word split into ‘de’ and ‘Sire’ with an accompanying understanding of their origins. De means from/of, and Sire means Originator, Stallion, Father, King/Ruler. Instantly I knew: The Feeling of deSire comes from God and is a way of showing me my Divine Unfolding.

Now it was just a matter of deeply Listening to it, learning to Trust it, and then Acting on it.

The process of Listening and Trusting my Heart had to be separated from the old familiar denying and suppressing that Divine Guidance.

The old paradigm where things are hard don’t fit the New Paradigm of my Heart’s Wisdom of Ease and Grace.

Like most of us, I’d been conditioned to ignore it or squash it and try to follow the rules of the land instead. When you squash your Divine deSire, it gets distorted and projects itself out into the world, hoping to find relief from this inner ache.

I wrote an article called How Squashing Your Natural Longing Distorts It Into Feeling Lack  about this, which will help you understand how that happens and how you can make space for it and open up instead.

You Deserve What You DeSire

So, back to the tongue rolling invitation that you deserve what you deSire.

When you understand, and I mean deeply Feel and Realize the Truth of this statement, your receiving door is open and will stay open. Actually, it’s not a matter of deserving at all. It’s your birthright and privilege to follow the Divine Calling in your Heart, known as deSire. This is the Key to opening that door.

Until you Feel that you deserve your Heart’s Longing, you may be left hoping, wishing and pining for it, while the Divine is standing right outside the door wondering why you are not answering the call.

What Do You Do When You Can’t FEEL It?

Well, let's explore what you Feel around your deSires?

  • Do you breathe into them with a sense of delight?
  • Are you grateful to Know that this is what the Divine has in store for you?
  • Or maybe you squeeze tight around your deepest Longings because you think you can’t have them?
  • How about telling yourSelf that this is nonsense and that you should just get your act together and do what everyone else does?

Which one/s do you resonate with?

If it's the first two, you're in good shape and letting it in. If it's the latter two, you are keeping your doors closed for the Divine to enter.

Whatever it is, this is your open or closed door to receiving what is in store for you. If yours has been shut closed, it's time to open up and make yourSelf available, and here's how you start:

  • Feel your beautiful Heart and Listen deeply and Lovingly to what you Long for
  • Know that this is the Divine letting you Know your direction
  • Breathe into the Feeling of your Longing and let yourSelf Feel how good it Feels when you Allow space for it to talk to you
  • Now . . . what are you Longing for? What does the Divine deSire for you to express and experience?
  • Just Feel this Feeling to the best of your ability, without squashing, judging it resisting it
  • If you need to fake it at first, that's OK. Just do whatever you need to do to get a bit of an elevated Feeling to get into the receiving Flow
  • Remember: This is your natural, next unfolding, when you keep the door open for it, breathe into it, and remember the tongue rolling statement: You deserve what you deSire
  • Take as much time as you can, and as often as you can to 'steep' in this Feeling. This way your body and Being can soak it up and soften. Enjoy the process while you're learning how to live from a place of open receptivity
  • Feel Grateful ahead of time as if you have already received what the Divine has in store for you. Gratitude is a Powerful 'door opener.' It gives the Divine the green light to 'bestow it upon you.' Yes, go ahead and fake it at first, if that helps
  • It takes time to learn to receive when your door has been shut tight for awhile, and it may not Feel natural at first. So please take your sweet time to learn, and be very gentle with yourSelf
  • Over time, you'll start noticing that your Heart's Longing starts showing up in your life, inside or out. This is the time to really acknowledge that it IS happening, and express more Gratitude and Joy for the changes that you notice
  • Make it a daily practice and eventually your doors to Heaven will be open permanently, with you as 'middle-man' and recipient for all you are meant to experience for a Happy and Fulfilled Life.

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