Why You Need To Harness Your Intention To Create A Better Life

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A better life is right here NOW when you focus on it and it needs YOUR attention come true.

Beep – beep! Beep – beep! Beep – beep!

I know that sound so well now. It’s 4AM and my alarm clock is going off to take me on my next journey into Now. I know why I am doing this. I know it is important to harness your Attention, Intention and Presence to create a better life.

4 AM is a very good time to meditate and practice. At this time, the melatonin levels are high and makes you more available to that which is beyond my mind. At this time, the mind is less active and less intrusive than later in the day.

I used to hate getting up early (well, who doesn't!) My body didn't want to get up: “It’s still dark! It’s too early! Let’s wait till tomorrow and just get a few more hours in!”

It was easy to give into my body’s demands in those days, which is not all that long ago. I would just tell myself that I’ll start tomorrow. Next morning was the same: “Oh, this is too hard! I’ll be sleep deprived. I want to sleep a little longer.”

True, I did get a few more hours of sleep in. On the other hand, I was not really in charge of my life. My Intention was to fully wake up and embody my full Potential. My body, on the other hand, wanted to stay asleep.

When I listened to my body, I opted for comfort, convenience and familiarity more than being fully awake.

Do You Choose Part Time Awake Or Part Time Asleep?

OK, to be fair, I had come a long way on my path of awakening. I mean, I’m not asleep at the wheel anymore. Furthermore, I’ve unhooked from so many identities from the past that I can honestly say that I enjoy resting in Presence most of the time. I know deeply that Presence is Precious!

However, my body still has a number of tendrils stuck in the past, which had taken the upper hand when it came to continued embodiment.

By the looks of it, my body wasn’t ready to fully wake up yet. Snoozy and half awake was more like it. Its intention had been stronger than ‘mine.’

It used to feel like a competition, and the question was: “who’s going to win?”

The tug of war is over now and I ran off with the trophy.

Having A Daily Practice Is Of The Essence

Since slipping out of my familiar future projections and slipping into the Now (soon I’ll link to that article on Your Tango), the body lost its control over me, and I have taken over the reigns. The way things are now, I won’t give up the Now for anything. No sleeping in, no skipping my 4AM practice, no nothing.

And my body? Oh, She is so happy and is 100% onboard. She can’t deny how good it Feels to Be in the Now without the past. Dr Joe Dispenza’s statement “The body is the past,” makes a lot of sense now.

I can’t deny that I’m embodying my Divine Authority deeper than ever before since I slipped into the Now. That in itself is worth more than any good night’s sleep and by now my body Knows that! However, trust me, there is still plenty of past in my body, which would like to pull me back. This is why my early practice is still of the Essence, even though my body is not running the show anymore.

There are many ways to engage in a daily practice to take back your Divine Authority. If meditation resonates with you, you can get more help here to learn to meditate.

Keep Listening To Your Body!

I know! I always write about the importance of Listening to your body, don’t I, and now I’m suddenly saying the opposite: “Don’t Listen to the body!?!” What’s going on here?

I don’t blame you if you’re confused! There’ll be a future article coming soon to clarify any misunderstandings.

For now, I’ll just say that when you learn how to Listen to all the disowned, resisted, denied and shamed Feelings through the art of True Self Love, your body can finally relax. In this deeper state of relaxation you’ll eventually be able to Listen to the Longing of your Soul. She wants to express HerSelf without any veils, resistances or contractions from the past.

In order for Her to have Her way, your body needs to be ready to fully let go of the past, which is why all the preparatory work is essential.

Everything has its place in your spiritual unfolding, including Self Love, Embodiment, Listening to and Honoring your body’s Wisdom. The next important step along the way is knowing when to Listen and act, and when not!

The difference between the two is an art you’ll learn to master by going through all the previous steps mentioned above.

Eventually you’ll get more settled in your Inner Divine Authority instead of randomly following any and every suggestion in the world. You’ll become a solid Rock, which only answers to your deepest Truth.

So, no spiritual bypassing, please. It doesn’t work. If you haven’t done your deeper, inner work yet, make sure you don’t skip this essential step.

The Importance Of Being Present In Your Inner Authority

In my recent article about the power of pure intention (soon to be published on YourTango), I stress the importance of Being Present in the Precious Now moment. This is where all the creative energies flow unobstructed from past memories or future projections. If you want to create a new life experience and want to become a more authentic You, you need to be committed to harness the power of your own Presence, Authority and Intention as your primary goal. You need to be able to be Present in the Now in order to access it.

At this stage of my journey, I experience Intention, Consciousness, Awareness, Divine Authority and Presence as the same ‘thing,’ which is experienced Now. Not in past memories or future projections.

You can only experience your pure Intention Now, outside of – and without – the flip flopping back and forth between past and future.

Our Current State Of Distraction

The challenge we are currently facing as human beings, is that we can’t stay Present and focused on one thing. We keep flip flopping from past to future and back again, and keep missing this Precious Present Moment of Now. Staying Present in Now is one of the hardest endeavors on the planet in our current state of Consciousness.

With all the new technology, we are kept more distracted than ever before. On top of that, we’ve become addicted to distraction, entertainment and stimulation. This is the exact opposite of Being your Inner Authority and being able to put your attention and focus on one thing. I vow for that one thing to Be Here Now!

Where Is Your Focus?

Wherever you ‘park’ your Consciousness at any moment, that is the experience you are going to have until you ‘park’ it elsewhere. (I have a fun little article about ‘Parking Your Consciousness.’) Most of us have parked our attention and focus in the past, hoping for a better parking space in the future, or we are moving from one distraction to another without having access to Now.

Few are aware that this Present Moment of Now is the best parking space available at all times. It’s never taken by anyone else and you can be sure that any time you return to Now, your Space is Here, Now (pun intended!), uncrowded and available.

Why Do I Commit To Such An Early Daily Practice?

Let’s go back to my 4AM alarm going off.

I keep getting better at harnessing my Inner Divine Authority which makes it easier and easier to park my Conscious Intention wherever I want. Currently I choose to park it in the Present moment of Now often and repeatedly.

Committing to making use of the energies available at 4AM, helps me greatly take back more and more of my Inner Authority, which again gives me the Power I need to be True to my Intention to stay Present in the Now.

It’s no coincidence that the Present moment IS the Present.

Harness Your Attention, Intention and Presence To Create A Better Life

By continuously choosing my Intention over my body’s, I keep strengthening my Divine Authority. If I’d choose to let my past run my life, my past takes over my life, and I’ll never be able to have a new life experience, different from the past.

You need to be able to harness your Attention, Intention and Presence if you want to have a different life experience.

I strongly recommend you start a daily meditation and mindfulness practice to tame your mind. This is the only way to get back into your saddle and take over the reigns so you decide who and what and where you want to be at any moment.

You don’t need to do it at 4AM like me. You need to follow your own natural Flow to make sure you succeed your endeavor. And just for the record: I have not felt tired since my early morning practice. On the contrary, I feel more alive, energized and inspired by spending all this time in … Now!

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