The Importance Of Letting Go Of The Past If You Want A New Future

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When you become aware that you are repeating your past into the future, you are ready to change

Have you ever noticed how the way you live your life today, is so similar to how you lived it yesterday? And the day before? And…? Most of us don’t even know we are living and repeating the past over and over and hardly even consider to let go of the past to have a new future.

You get up at the same time, have your same morning routine, eat the same breakfast, drive the same route to work etc.

We all like familiarity, sameness and comfort. It makes us feel safe and secure. Certainly a good reason not to expand out into unknown territory.

We are creatures of habit and don’t like to change unless we have to. Unless, of course, we know for sure that the change will bring us something better.

Change can be challenging – and who needs that!

Well, we all do, both individually and collectively. Looking around the world, it’s actually quite urgent to step up and step out and become a new Human in the New Paradigm.

Our present state of Consciousness and way we treat our Planet are not sustainable.

If you want to have a new future experience, you have to let go of your current one.

If you want to become someone different in the future, it’s time to say bye bye to who you are today.

Different Ways To Let Go Of The Past To Have A New Future

When I talk about letting go, I refer to letting go of emotional attachment, resistance, unnecessary repetition, holding on to or trying to change the past and quite a bit more.

I am not referring to bypassing it when you are still tied to it. The ties must be softened and opened and released first. I can show you how to do that. You can start with my free ebook 5 Steps How To Dive Into The Divine Feminine Flow which shows you the basic steps. (it's right here to your right in the sidebar!)

Once the ties to the past have been released, you can fully let go of! Here's a great replay about the strings that hold you back

They are equally important and both deserve your attention and discernment over and over. In your process you’ll learn exactly when to Listen and soften, and when you can leave it behind. It’s an art and a daily practice that will show you, moment by moment, which one is current.

Self Love Is Still My Secret Sauce

I still see Self Love as extremely essential in order to liberate the parts stuck in the past. Those that still feel unloved, unwanted, unworthy or plain old bad and wrong. They are the filters you unconsciously see through and create your day to day life from. Until these filters have been made conscious, they color your Present Now experience like dark colored glasses, and prevent you from being able to change. Even though you may not like your current life experience, compared to change and challenge, it may actually feel quite comfortable.

When I talk about having to let go of your past in order to create a new future, you must become aware of the color of your glasses. You can’t leave them behind unless you know you are wearing them!

I trust this clarifies why Self Love is so essential to get out of the dark, so to speak, out from behind your glasses.

Mindfulness, Self Love & Letting Go

Most of my current work is to first bring awareness to the color or your glasses through mindfulness. Once you can see the color, you move into the next part, which is the ALL formula. You learn to Allow everything without resistance. Then you learn to Listen with an open Heart, and lastly you Love and Honor what you hear and act on it. You can read all about that in my free ebook 5 Steps To Dive Into The Divine Feminine Flow.

Let’s be honest: We all have these painful beliefs and feelings living inside of us Now. As long as they are filling up your present Now moment experience, they color everything you see, do, hear, feel, perceive and attempt to change and destructive patterns end up winning every time.

Slowly you move towards letting it all go, in order to take permanent residence in the Now – free from any past residue.

You Cannot Let Go Of An Unresolved Past

Can you see why you must resolve these past beliefs and Feelings before you can let them go? However, once they’ve been resolved enough, to the point where they don’t suck your energy anymore, you can start considering letting go. At some point if you want to embody your awakened state of Consciousness, you have to leave the past behind, just like you left behind your pacifier, potty training and Kindergarten.

That’s how evolution works. Everything here has its beginning, middle and end, and when you reach the end, you let it go.

Another good reason to let go, is that it takes a lot of energy – emotional energy – to carry your past with you everywhere you go. When you awaken, you live Now, not back then. Yet we all do it – until we don't. We all have to take the time to release the past after we wake up to who we truly are.

When To Listen And When To Let Go

So please know that there comes a time when you feel so centered and solid inside that you just Trust yourSelf no matter what. This is the result of liberating all the self doubt, self hate, self judgment, self … (you name your favorite self underminer here). At that point you can move beyond it. All the previous steps were essential in order to get you Here Now out of the painful past and into your body – into your Authority Now!

Now it’s easy to Listen to your Inner Authority, and It will let you know when to Listen to your body and your past, and when you let go. It will direct and guide you every step on your Way. Your job is to Listen deeper and deeper until you don’t experience any separation between the seeming two anymore.

Weather you are in the middle of deep Listening, beginning to fully let go, or anything in between, please do it all with the utmost Love and Kindness. You can never force yourSelf through the shedding of an old skin. That’s why your deep Listening will show you if your skin is still stuck and needs a little more softening, or if it is loose enough and ready to be left behind.

Self Love guarantees that your embodiment and skin shedding process will be much more comfortable, enjoyable and lasting.

If you need help in this process to learn when to Listen and when to let go, Pernilla can help you. You can learn more about mherwork as a Self-Love Mystic & Mentor at Divine Feminine Flow. Feel free to contact her for a free 30 min. Discovery Session to learn if her Self Love Mentoring can help you make this transition. And please make sure to download her free e-book, 5 Steps To Dive Into The Divine Feminine Flow.

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