Do You Struggle With Your Finances?

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Is this YOU?

How much sleep do you lose worrying about money?
How much stress do you carry every day about your debts, current expenses and future stability?
Is money the elephant in the living room for you and your spouse?

I am an expert in teaching women how to separate their emotions from their money, all of which I learned through my personal journey from financial ruin to recovery. My life unraveled in 2006 as I was leaving the mortgage industry, a husband of 11 years, my home and my favorite dog was dying. How I found the path and tools to save my life is the subject of my book:

It’s NEVER about the money…even when it is.

* More shoes than savings 

* No health Insurance

* Living paycheck to paycheck

Learn how to untangle your emotions from your money with speaker, seminar leader and author of  "It's Never About the Money...even when it is,"  Pegi Burdick, The Financial Whisperer. Pegi's tools will help you to stop sabotaging your efforts and gain control over your financial issues.

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